okay I'm 2 episodes into the new grey's anatomy season and my take is that they should have maintained a fiction without covid until like 2 years after widespread vaccination cause this sucks. there's no way to do this that isn't tasteless or sheer depression and they're doing both

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also the firefighter spinoff is clearly building to a west coast fires arc

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okay im finishing episode 2 this show sucks more than ever and is also more of why i watch it than ever

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"I'm just here for stress relief."
"Stress relief? Can i keep my mask on?"
"That's not what i wanna take off you."

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they keep complaining about quarantine is already three weeks in and surely it'll be over soon and i don't know if it's foreshadowing or hedging their bets

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i do appreciate that they keep calling the pandemic the plague

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covid, grey's anatomy s17, --- 

like three scenes per episode start with someone declaring time of death for a new covid patient

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