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if a top does it, it's not oppression, it's just topping

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What's a Ditto? Oh, you mean the Cumslut Pokémon?

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in case you're wondering what I mean by anarcho-tanky 

venezuala's civillian milita is now 9% of the total population of the country AND its integrated into the armed forces

My gut says that Grimes and Musk probably have a Pinky and The Brain type dynamic except it's just two Pinkys who both think they're The Brain

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

transish meme , body horror 

Honestly Public Universal Friend sounds like too much pressure. The most I could manage would be Public Universal Acquaintance

what the fuck is a public universal friend. is that a bernie sanders policy.

i’ve got that look in my eyes (exhausted)

pokemon, hot take 

i think it would be "lit" and "fire" if i could feel as likeable as i know i am


Making a ponysona in 2019. They're a massive draft horse, with a solid cube for a cutie mark. Their name is Cybertruck and they exist only to cyberf

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