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and this isn't me claiming prisons are fine as long as they're socialist, socialists locking up drug users or petty thieves is just as wrong, punitively locking up people who are just interpersonally violent (as opposed to fash terrorists) is just as wrong, and so one. my point is that the problem with coercion is always its direction, the mere existence of coercion can't be considered a problem until the class war is fully won

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not to be political but i fantasize about shooting people who don't wear masks in the face and head with a real gun and real bullets to death.

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everytime there's a news story, i dress up in my the giant from twin peaks cosplay, break into Francis Fukuyama's bedroom, and startle him awake with the "It's happening, again." bit.

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social corporatism, or as it's known in japan, super the ruling class 64

any politician, lobbyist or wonk who cites being yelled at on twitter as a foundational justification for their stance needs to have their head caved in, no parody

Show thread cool up and coming history channel on the history of Islam and Islamic empires by a guy who is a very well read Muslim

im @pinkosock now, follow me there if you were following me here and still want to

im @pinkosock now, follow me there if you were following me here and still want to

the twink to milf pipeline is what I call my doubled ended dil

i don't understand why we have 😊 AND ☺️ but I'm glad we do 😊☺️

this would only be acceptable if they were donating like $50k of it to bail funds or something, which i cant imagine they're doing that, because i can't imagine doing that without bragging about, and they don't brag about it

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@whalefall @pinkosock @zorotl Found the quote, his house looks "something like an occult bookshop under permanent renovation, with records, videos, magical artefacts and comic-book figurines strewn among shelves of mystical tomes and piles of paper. The bathroom, with blue-and-gold décor and a generous sunken tub, is palatial; the rest of the house has possibly never seen a vacuum cleaner. This is clearly a man who spends little time on the material plane."

1) the cultural revolution didn't have a death count worth mentioning , its always brought up in the death toll of communism specifically to capitalize on how westerners won't know anything about it but will be scared by the name.
2) the chinese government itself was what ended the cultural revolution.
3) there is literally no fucking reason on earth for china to lie about supposed millions of chinese people dead from covid .
4) Tough talk from a country whose response to COVID is an unmatched international failure in every respect
5) fuck the new york times.

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