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buckling your seatbelt isn't actually worth the trouble. i just staple my foreskin to the seat

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if you were a real ally, you'd bury me six feet deep, cover me in concrete, turn me into a street 💅

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Ariana grande voice 

you like, my flag? gee thanks, just fucked it.

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the invention of snowballing 

"Hey! You got your spit in my jizz!"
"You got your jizz in my spit!"
*together, surprised* "Mmm! Two great tastes that taste great together!"

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Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia that no one will ever edit again

Youve heard of flat Stanley now get ready for his brother, flat Richard

boy are you a blockchain transaction because i am extremely uninterested in an explanation for your behavior

please visit me at my cave and hand me cool treats through the opening

what if we shrunk the US troops and sent them into peoples bloodstreams to shoot the corona virus

i think instead of vaccines we should create giant versions of the virus we could engage in close combat to gain an immunity


we should have a word for the sound your anus makes when it's opening up to let a poop out. schrip?

have i posted about my mom's radical meat views??? she thinks its like, a conspiracy basically and all meat is either modified beef chicken or pork

i think if slavoj zizek and matt christman did the fusion dance they would turn into a frenchman who liked the mai 68 movement but felt too old to participate

the gloves are fucking OFF I am going to ARGUE for MODEST SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC REFORMS and FUCKING LOSE

I donated $200 to the LGBTQ freedom fund

You should too

If you donate $25 or more to ANY BLM charity and post a screenshot, I will either

-dm you a lewd/nude pic
-compose an electronic song just for you
-create a simple static website for you

Boosts appreciated

#transcrowdfund #blm

it's very easy to not make mistakes on twitter by not being on twitter

oh, some good news, 3 of the PSL members charged with trumped up charges by colorado police have been released on bail! the outpouring of international support has been crucial to this says the party for socialism and liberation, now to drop the charges!

you have to change with the times i say, attaching the bussy flattening die to the hydraulic press

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