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buckling your seatbelt isn't actually worth the trouble. i just staple my foreskin to the seat

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if you were a real ally, you'd bury me six feet deep, cover me in concrete, turn me into a street 💅

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Ariana grande voice 

you like, my flag? gee thanks, just fucked it.

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the invention of snowballing 

"Hey! You got your spit in my jizz!"
"You got your jizz in my spit!"
*together, surprised* "Mmm! Two great tastes that taste great together!"

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"How's it going?," the wife asks, coming from behind to wipe my brow. "Think this year's gonna be a good one," I say, spitting in my hands before rotating the bird around my thighs. She slaps my bare ass, and I fall a bit further in the oven, the heat of the roast on my balls. "Yeah," I say, licking my lips, "The smash feast of the season."

look, celebrating the Beirut Barracks bombing is just the pretext, the holiday is really all about getting together with family, you just need to calm down about all the US marines who got killed

15 minutes balls deep into this turkey. barbecue sauce starts burning my dick skin, but mama req didn't raise no quitter

If the labour theory of value is correct, why is being a CEO not much work for a whole lot of pay?

Checkmate Marxists

yo this year if a relative says "they're trying to take thanks giving away" or words to that effect. i am 'they'. it's me, i'm trying to do this. so you can correct him with 'she'

ready player one: corruption of champions edition

Girlboss and Gusano have been declared to be slurs by the liberals. Research begins anew on terminology they will not decree to be offensive to white people.

hades, uncaptioned 

@ItsMorgan I had a serious laugh out loud moment last night when I came back and he was talking to Megaera and she was like "he just advised me that I should try evading your attacks next time. Now that I know your secrets I expect to defeat you easily."


mix some msg in with your j lube for more flavorful fisting

rare Doris pic from my increasingly malfunctioning phone

(do not follow me just for cat pictures I am a communist, the scary kind)

don't look: its the ready player one man's cringy poem called nerd porn auteur 


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just thinking about how denouncing Stalin only lost the ussr allies

wanna hear a joke 

MSNBC had Harvey Weinstein on in 2016 to talk about how he doesn't support Bernie Sanders because Bernie's too sexist

why do we need space toilets when we could just get neckid and let loose in an airlock

liberals want people in power to express remorse while killing the planet. conservatives want them to express glee.

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