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I have learned that I’m not always notified about receiving follow requests on mobile due to the app I’m using, but requests will show up as soon as I log in at an actual computer. So if you request to follow me and I don’t get to it immediately, it’s nothing personal! I just haven’t seen it yet, is all

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It’s come to my attention that some of you might think I’m exaggerating with this toot here. So, I present to you Exhibit A, taken from the cubicle wall next to my desk

It’s nice just being around guys who are willing to talk to each other about their lives, is all

Legit crying on the bus rn thinking about Daytripper


The Walkmen are one of the few bands I know that consistently, deliberately create albums made to grow on the listener
I love how much they love older ways of playing instruments (upright pianos, auxiliary percussion, shell voicings of guitar chords, etc.), and how Hamilton Leithauser sings like a crooner who’s as harsh as he is bruised
Not for everyone, but more than enough for me

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I think my hotness is raising the ambient temperature here. It's supposed to be 108°F today. CW for eye contact, and fire selfies

I keep seeing a lot of apologies for not being interesting or funny or positive, and I just wanna say:

You are a person, not a brand. You do not need to be consistently anything but yourself. If you need to take a break, that's OK. We're all people, we'll understand.

I think we should take a moment to acknowledge how much we all love sel

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A lot of Mastodon's users joined in August last year, so now is the time of many fediversaries.

You can find your first post on Mastodon by opening your public profile with ?min_id=0 appended to the URL!

psa: it's okay and attractive and very good to like things and get excited about the things you like and know a lot about them

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