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It’s come to my attention that some of you might think I’m exaggerating with this toot here. So, I present to you Exhibit A, taken from the cubicle wall next to my desk

“Oh, so I don’t know if you all knew this already, but I actually used to be engaged.”
“What? Like, in combat?”

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of this wonderful book (selfie, no ec, lewd reference)

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Good morning! Guess what I’m doing this fine Saturday morning
(It’s brunch)

If you're still on Facebook, I highly suggest joining baby name suggestion groups. It is the only good content.

Can barely keep my eyes open after a day like today. Very tired, but feeling very accomplished. Popping in to say goodnight to all you lovely people : ) rest easy, friends

Happy to report that the Hold Steady continues to, in fact, hold steady
Separation Sunday’s really doin’ it for me this afternoon

The sun, or as I like to call it, hot moon

sometimes when i see a very good furbeast i move my mouse over it in a petting motion and i hope that they can feel me petting them through the internet

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@garfiald I made this a long time ago, but just came across it again

Just bought tickets to see Alita: Battle Angel tonight. First 3D movie I'll have seen since... Avatar in '09, I think??

Morning everyone, TGIF*

*Toot Garbage, It's Fine

Every time I go out to buy more nail polish, the cashiers have been nice and supportive to me
It's nice to like, finally let out that breath of tension once I stop stalling and make it to the checkout line

Think I'm gonna rewatch the Death Note movie in the background while I work today

Good morning! Gonna be another weird one at work today, I can feel it

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