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It’s come to my attention that some of you might think I’m exaggerating with this toot here. So, I present to you Exhibit A, taken from the cubicle wall next to my desk

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this is nothing, okay? this means nothing to me 

Toxic Maskulinity

I don't think I'll ever get tired of what they did (and still do) for music

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Good morning! Spent most of mine reading about Mary Timony, who is great

Enjoying some of Cave In's music today. So far it sounds like what the inside of a tornado looks like
Haven't had this kind of rush since I was into Botch back in the day

"Dark Lego, show me the forbidden connection techniques":

a leaked PDF of a Lego internal corporate document describing "illegal" connections that must not be used in official kit-building instructions

Much has been written on the analogy between lego connections and programming language syntax; that would make this illegal connection PDF the equivalent of, like, undocumented compiler features or something.

for sale: sonic the hedgehog blue-ray, never watched


When you work in payroll, a short week due to a holiday means temporarily throwing a monkey wrench into a database meant to work perfectly so long as nothing happens
I like to get in early if I can so that the snowball pushed down on Friday doesn't flatten me in all its accumulated glory by Tuesday

Good afternoon, everyone! Got caught up in my early start at work today

Very cheeky to call it a "letter" when there's clearly more than one on the page...

Good morning! Off to a good and early start

whispering through my keyhole is not a personality. tapping on my window while i sleep is not a personality. scratching my floorboards from below? not a personality. and as for shaking the very timbers of my home so they creak and moan and shudder? you guessed it - not a personality

I guess I should also mention that due to *shenanigans* I ended up shaving off the sides of my head
I'll shave the top off eventually, but playing with that untouched chunk of hair is too entertaining right now (plus it's not like anyone has to see my face these days anyway)


Looking at eggs and hashbrowns for a nice brunch today

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