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I have learned that I’m not always notified about receiving follow requests on mobile due to the app I’m using, but requests will show up as soon as I log in at an actual computer. So if you request to follow me and I don’t get to it immediately, it’s nothing personal! I just haven’t seen it yet, is all

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It’s come to my attention that some of you might think I’m exaggerating with this toot here. So, I present to you Exhibit A, taken from the cubicle wall next to my desk

Best show was adapting the music of Pan’s Labyrinth for a Little Red Riding Hood story. A flute soloist got eaten by a tree

I got to play Nessun Dorma for a fall of Rome show while fake columns collapsed in the grass behind me
God that was dope

Getting nostalgic over my marching band days

“He who cannot act must make haste to sleep!” yeah big fuckin’ mood George Macdonald

Ravel's Pavane is, above all, my favorite piece of music. I will come to a complete stop every time I hear it

Impressionist composers are so incredibly underrated
Debussy, Ravel, even Sibelius at times
At times, simply the best material music of any kind has to offer

I’ve seen this movie six times and have cried at every viewing

Hello I am tearing up at my endlessly fond remembrance of the animated movie Your Name

Okay I am not winning this at all but I’m so hype to be along for this ride

Playing Texas Hold ‘Em with the Freemasons rn

I continue to be cute as hell (boostable selfie with almost eye contact)

Ever since I saw a friend do embroidery I wanted to try it myself.

Behold: I made a leaf!

It's not very good, but it's a first attempt with zero instructions so I am pretty impressed with myself

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