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I have learned that I’m not always notified about receiving follow requests on mobile due to the app I’m using, but requests will show up as soon as I log in at an actual computer. So if you request to follow me and I don’t get to it immediately, it’s nothing personal! I just haven’t seen it yet, is all

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It’s come to my attention that some of you might think I’m exaggerating with this toot here. So, I present to you Exhibit A, taken from the cubicle wall next to my desk

Starting a thread here of my favorite Zdar productions. RIP.

Swingin’ Party (Replacements Cover) – Kindness

still one of the most scathing indictments of class tourism ever written, and one which grows more relevant with the passing day. it should be beamed into the brain of every ivy league anarchist and squatter

"i took her to a supermarket [...] i said, 'pretend you've got no money.'

she just laughed and said, 'you're so funny!'

i said, 'well, i can't see anyone else smiling in here.. are you sure?'" #np

The Clash asks you: 

Full body mirror selfies, EC, me in a crop top and a schoolgirl skirt (boosts, replies ++++++) 

It's Juneteenth! Lesser known African American history /1 

(selfy, eye contact)
me n the babes yesterday post paddleboarding !!!!!

pol, structures, framing 

pol, structures, framing 

pol, structures, framing 

Sometimes you check behind the waterfall and there's nothing there. There's just nothing there

See, that's the issue I have with talking about plot holes. People fundamentally miss the point. It's not that Plot Hole People don't suspend their disbelief enough. It's that they suspend it too much, and insist that the movie is not an art object, but instead an entire alternate reality in itself
Things like Wookiepedia make a lot more sense with that kind of framing

Related to plot holes is the question of "realistic" dialogue:
"That's not how people talk in real life!"
"It's a movie, not real life."
"Art is supposed to imitate life."
"It doesn't have to do so word for word."

Good morning! I get the apartment to myself tonight so I can't wait to get home from work

the birdsite 

This is still weirding me out. I've really gotta be on top of my game if she says yes to the role

If I mention Kathleen Turner, we all know who I'm talking about, right? That's not too before anyone's time here?
Okay, well. Her daughter auditioned for my show?? And I am still a bit in shock about it lol

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