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the Great White Flight of 2020 has caused me to spend nearly this entire week tryna figure out why there are so few black people on here. after much thought on the differences between the fediverse and twitter, I ended up asking my IRL friends for their opinions of socialism, communism, and anarchism.

now, I don't wanna wild out and say anarchism is anti-black, but uhhhhh..... don't expect no new niggas the way y'all actin

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Myasstodon is such a great instance and since opening up to a more general POC instance this week they've been getting a lot of new members, and new members means new costs. This is a great time to give them some support if you can! if not, boost!

cc @ldopa

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bill ebegging 

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Remember back when the feds outed themselves and no one noticed ?

A Story In Two Parts:

This white boy joined the table and is so close to saying he doesn't see race I swear. "it doesn't matter where people come from, as long as they're respectful and humble," shut the fuck up dude

She just said "y'know how Target is way better than Walmart?" And I'm pretty sure there's something more to that than just prefering one store to another........

This kid at my college just said "it's cheaper to live in an apartment a month than it is to live in a dorm," and she gave the figure of 600 dollars a month. What she is not accounting for is electric, water, internet, and all other expenses that come with living off campus and I really wish I lived in a world where I didn't think about that constantly

Someone should teach me how to do eyeliner lol

Googling "are the McDonald's hash browns latkes?"

This is a good toot and the hashtag night crew is sleeping on it

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Since it's Respect the Troops season, I thought I might share an #inspirational #speech from troopster Mike Prysner. cw: violence, military occupation, displacement, torture 

I know that my mom is going to say something about my chipped nail polish And how I have to fix it for my sister's wedding but I really don't want to, and just kind of want to do one thing and dress one way that makes me feel like me and not like someone they want me to be

Me: *gets 3 hours of sleep*
My body: "yeah, time to get up fuccgurl"


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