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you're all my students now and you've all strayed from God's light

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i dont think people understand how jarring it is to be brown in this country and continually read new things about how brown people were killed at the hands of authority and it was justified.

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Video Description: Robion Williams from One Hour Photo says "Neon Genesis Evangelion," and then the Evangelion theme plays

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sorry for being not on here. I've been doing things off line, and it's made me resent on line

what if we were girls and we ate 2 eggs and a serving of grapes for breakfast 😳

If I were trotsky, i would simply avoid ice picks

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Re.: people having less than zero understanding of China's efforts towards building socialism. 

...people on here do understand that the Chinese government acknowledges that they're in the early stages of socialism, with aspirations of attaining full communism in the future, right?

Like, people do get that even China itself doesn't consider itself to have perfect socialism, yeah? And that the government there is currently aiming towards being ~fully socialist~, in a similar sense to socialist states that've existed in the past century, by... ...2049, right?

People keep whipping out Meng Wanzhou or Jack Ma as Epic Fucking Burns against Chinese efforts to build socialism when, like. They know that they still have a dangerously strong national bourgeoisie, and they're achieving far the fuck more in terms of reining it in than the DSA, NDP, Labour, or whatever ever has, or ever will.

Get back to me when we start surpassing them on the "prosecuting billionaires" and "revoking their assets" fronts.

attention all rad gamers: total war Saga: troy is free on the epic games store today

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We will not be commenting on the fuckability of the nut at this time.

I could play valorant, and rootkit my computer, or play CSGO and not rootkit my computer, but also get called slurs so it's a lose lose on the tactical shooter right now

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you, cucked, pseudo-intellectual, embourgeoisé•e: reads professors arguing about their interpretations of marx

me, huge alpha, genuine proletarian, ready to "discard outdated theory and forms of theory", and ignore what "dead white men wrote 100 years ago": watches youtubers and podcasters arguing about their interpretations of marx, and all of them are incredibly wrong & also illiterate

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In case it wasn't already glaringly obvious before, the US is trying to carry out a "color revolution" in Lebanon to remove Hezbollah from the government

This has been Washington's goal for a long time. Now they're exploiting the chaos to push regime change

It's not even subtle
RT @usembassybeirut
1/2 The Lebanese people have suffered too much and deserve to have leaders who listen to them and change course to respond to popu…

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When protest broke out in Lebanon in 2019, the US government and an array of Western-backed "NGOs" and celebrity activists tried to co-opt the movement against Hezbollah, to push the Lebanese resistance out of the government

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leave it to an mlb the show streamer to introduce me to a Limp Bizkit song I don't know

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