I don't like it when people refer to me by my online screen name. It sounds dumb.

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@laser you know why that band is good? They sing about friends and being fucked up losers. That's usually what i'm thinking about, so it is always resonant

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Heres a scary story for you in the timeliness of October. My reservation is literally built on top of our ancestors bones, like the whole thing. This used to be a sacred island reserved and respected for the remains of our dead relatives before we were pushed 40+ miles upriver. In order to protect their spirits we decided to make this our main reservation so that colonizers wouldnt claim it as their own and continue to push us further northward. There are a lot of ghost citings around the island, and we have a whole cluster of cryptids that travel the paths throughout the night

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pay what you want commissions open 

I've just aceepted that the stinkbugs are just gonna have to live in my room now. Just need them to stop getting on my computer screen

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when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

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Me: wow I finally have my pills again and feel good enough to ride my bike
The weather: oh did you say you want it to be 40 degrees and rainy????

compiling 8 dollars in change cause I need food to take my pills with

Also if y'all come at me with some "liver PUDDING" disgusting shit, I'm gonna be upset. I'm from West NC, where the real liver breakfast rectangular prism is located

I'm so desperate for veggie or nonpork livermush. Pleas. I beg. Make me some Jenkins livermush with no pork >.<

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I wanna cook, but also I want to do dish so I can cook

I love
When Eleanor
Says the magic words
Bepis 4

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