We will be opening registrations soon, so anyone who would like an account will have their chance!


Make sure to read our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service before registering (peertube.social/about).

We've implemented CAPTCHA and new users will have their videos blacklisted for review to prevent spam.

We hope to see you on PeerTube!

We have upgraded to v2.1.1, which fixed several bugs (including some introduced in the previous version).

We have upgraded to PeerTube v2.1.0!

This version comes with better comment moderation tools for users, allowing users to mute accounts directly and making the process much easier.

There are other cool features, but that's what I'm most excited about!

Hope everyone enjoys the improvements!

We will be working on upgrades to PeerTube.social in about an hour (4 PM UST), please excuse any downtime or poor performance.

We have updated our ToS to clarify our position on pornography.

It is not allowed to be hosted on PeerTube.social, but it is allowed from other instances so long as it is properly marked and does not violate our other rules.


PeerTube.social Moderator Action, discussion of Nazism and anti-LGBT sentiment 

Yet another instance defederated from for Nazi propaganda.

libre.video is a "Free Speech" instance which was hosting anti-LGBT videos as well as propaganda supporting Nazi Germany and Hitler.

We were not following this instance, but have removed them from our followers.

PeerTube.social Moderator Action, discussion of Nazism 

PeerTube.social is defederating from PeerTube.dk

A video was posted to PeerTube.dk featuring obvious Nazi aesthetics (Nazi flag with an Iron Cross instead of a Swastika, the Nazi Parteiadler (eagle), etc). After reporting the video to the admin, Nico @wonderingdane, he responded as follows:

"The Iron Cross is not considered a hate symbol by the ADL and there is
no visible Swastika with the eagle. The image is properly censored
according to German law, as well."

We do not accept legal technicalities as being the proper response to blatantly fascist content, and are therefore defederating and suggesting others do the same.

Stay safe, Fediverse.

We are temporarily allowing account creation on peertube.social for 20 new users. If you want to check out Peertube, now is the time!

This is basically a trial run for handling signups this way, we will repeat this if it goes well.

Peertube.social Updates (Nov. 18, 2019) 

We have enabled custom CSS on PeerTube.social to hide the view count on timeline. The view count is still visible when on the video page itself.

Our hope is to make more pleasant, less competitive place.

Let us know what you think!

Hello users!

We are drafting a new Terms of Service / Code of Conduct and are seeking feedback.

Take a look at our existing ToS (peertube.social/about) and let us know what improvements we can make!

You don't have to be signed up for our instance to make suggestions, either!

Have a wonderful day, I'm looking forward to your suggestions!

signed @lesbianhacker

Peertube.social Announcement 

Hey everyone, peertube.social has a new, official account for news and updates!

Follow this account for those updates.

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