Hello there!
Have you heard about ?
It's the cool new project from Framasoft to help search for videos on , results come from their instance index.
Learn more here:

is now part of the index. Give it a go, search for some of your videos, it works! And then, go see if you can't find new stuff you'd like. 😃

How about searching for videos about 'free software' or 'SuperTuxKart', you might be surprised by what you find.

I juste tested ans it works really well ! Maybe a compact version of the results could be more useful :)

@peertubesocial I tried searching

- two words
- ”two words”
- 'two words”

but every time the results show me two OR words, although I'd expect it to show me only two AND words when I use quotes.

@Stoori Yeah, there are some filters availlable but I'm not sure how the keywords work exactly. Maybe you can find out more on the PeerTube forum (

@peertubesocial Yes. It is great resource. Thank you for making it. We built it into our search engine. Shows peertube results in default video search and can also filter to show only peertube videos or just gorf tube videos.

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