We will be opening registrations soon, so anyone who would like an account will have their chance!


Make sure to read our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service before registering (peertube.social/about).

We've implemented CAPTCHA and new users will have their videos blacklisted for review to prevent spam.

We hope to see you on PeerTube!


Signups are already open, so give it a try! Note that you have to follow the link below to sign up, the button is hidden so we avoid signups from random people that find the site on Google (at least for now).


If you have some money leftover, please consider donating on Liberapay to cover the server cost. Right now the instance costs around 23 € per month.


As always, there is no overall upload limit, you can upload as much as you want, just not at the same time. The limit is 500 MB per day.

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