seems like a lot of men who like to fish *really* hate their wives

if you like fish so much why dont you marry one huh

oh god a woman posted a picture with a cute little fish being like "you might not be impressed by the size but i fish to have fun!" and all the comments are like "wow sexy pic" "beaitufl picture" "pretty and sexy smile too" and, my favorite "I Love you!! ...Lol... (Not a creeper)... Lol... That's Awesome!!"

@pbandkate I read the word "fishing" so much that it looks like "fisting" now.

@pbandkate fishing is just loot farming for people who don’t get sunburned.

@pbandkate tag your spoilers for beloved classic movie Big Fish (2003) by Tim Burton starring Ewan McGregor

@pbandkate I hate being a woman who likes fishing as a recreational thing to do over drinks, cause I don't wanna be lumped in with these chuds

@pbandkate it's funny you say this bc one of the times I went fishing with my BIL and several strangers, everyone started in bashing their wives and girlfriends. It was so fuckin awkward

@pbandkate fish mafia voice: "i'll make you an angler you can't refuse"

@pbandkate I don't know why but this idea struck me and i just had to make it. a force was guiding my hands.

@fructose_dealer @pbandkate lol that's funny because this is the first time I thought about it in over a year. but my brain just immediately went to this after reading those two lines, I can't explain why

@radicalrobit @pbandkate why does the guy in top panel far right look like Ted Cruz. I just noticed that.

@Dayglochainsaw he's got too much of a chin to look like ted cruz imo

this meme also works for wizards, warlocks and witches

@pbandkate I love the one about how they just like their buckets

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