diamonds are bad and their only value comes from blood and false scarcity

my dad is a geologist and ingrained this in me from day fuckin one

@pbandkate They have scientific uses but they're just fuckin' minerals. Fuck DeBeers.

@breakfastgolem oh sure, but there’s like literally zero real reason for them to be so expensive. diamonds are, relatively, very common.

@pbandkate I want them to be everywhere. Windows made out of 'em. Make diamonds as common and as utilitarian as glass or bricks.

@pbandkate @breakfastgolem this is a Neal Stephenson novel, except with less socialism and more pollution and kidnapping

@breakfastgolem @pbandkate It's possible to make lab grown diamonds so use those for science so we can avoid DeBeers.

*my eyes glaze over as I stare at my diamond ring* "you are beautiful and wonderful and rare"

@pbandkate I was just thinking the other day how we can make diamonds that are even better than the ones we dig out of the ground and you can't tell the difference without specially designed tests, so the diamond industry spends a lot of money convincing people you're a cheap jerk if you buy a lab grown diamond

@interneteh diamonds literally have the best marketing in the goddamn world

@pbandkate it's literally a cartel, and they play on people's emotions. Sucks.

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