for your debate watching bingo and/or drinking game pleasures

@pbandkate whats it called in bingo where you get every single square

@pbandkate the debate hasn't even happened yet and I know it's already gonna be a blackout.

@pbandkate if someone says mccain was a hero, you have to eat your card and start a fresh one

@pbandkate does this count commercials run before the debate? I just found out under M E D I C A R E F O R A L L you have to wait 21 weeks for an ultrasound and 180 million will lose private insurance. good think they played it twice already

@frickhaditcoming @pbandkate desperately trying to figure out why losing private insurance would be a bad idea if you've just fuckin, got healthcare, just as part of the whole Deal, y'know, what an incredible ad, what a beautiful attempt to scare people with the literal desired outcome,

@aflightybroad @pbandkate because dipshits either dont understand it or are intentionally misrepresenting it. Last night was an example. Why would anyone need or even want private insurance if literally everything was already paid for?

@frickhaditcoming it's so transparent that they're scared and willing to say whatever bullshit and I just hope it doesn't work

@pbandkate Not a blackout, but a double BINGO at the horizontal-diagonal intersection of "Obama fanboying," funnily enough.

@pbandkate I suspect this one toot tells me all I need to know about how well things are going over there. Oh dear.

@pbandkate wish I had some words of wisdom to share. All I got is "when all else fails, guillotines are cheap" but that's no secret.

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