under communism, all performance reviews will be replaced with ongoing peer to peer feedback that takes the form of a conversation between two equals on how to achieve shared goals as opposed to a judgement from on high

@kaydan yeah tbh this is just what everyone should be doing now lol

@pbandkate only flaw i can see in this is like... yknow how sometimes you have a flatmate who doesnt do dishes? something like that

In that situation, it could still work. Being like "hey, I'd really appreciate it if you did the dishes, but I get that it can be hard. Is there anything I can do to make it easier or can we share responsibilities in a different way?"

@jackofallEves @pbandkate
And also opening the floor to be like "is there anything I'm not doing that you expect of me?"

@Genderwitchcraft @jackofallEves i also genuinely believe that if we didnt so associate feedback with hierarchical power structures that we'd be more comfortable both giving and receiving those types of messages from peers!

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