under communism, all performance reviews will be replaced with ongoing peer to peer feedback that takes the form of a conversation between two equals on how to achieve shared goals as opposed to a judgement from on high

@kaydan yeah tbh this is just what everyone should be doing now lol

@pbandkate only flaw i can see in this is like... yknow how sometimes you have a flatmate who doesnt do dishes? something like that

In that situation, it could still work. Being like "hey, I'd really appreciate it if you did the dishes, but I get that it can be hard. Is there anything I can do to make it easier or can we share responsibilities in a different way?"

@jackofallEves @pbandkate
And also opening the floor to be like "is there anything I'm not doing that you expect of me?"

@Genderwitchcraft @jackofallEves i also genuinely believe that if we didnt so associate feedback with hierarchical power structures that we'd be more comfortable both giving and receiving those types of messages from peers!

@pbandkate kate would you mind if i posted an excerpt from a book specifically about an attempt to do this in China

@pbandkate sorry the quality is a little bad I just took the pictures with my phone

@feminineforms i fucking love this, thank you for sharing, this is really great and interesting.

@pbandkate !!! Very happy to share!! I have an e-book by Bettelheim about Industrial organization in china specifically that I should actually read soon that seems to be along these lines!

@feminineforms i also think what i like about this on like, a macro level, is the idea of actually thinking critically about how people give and receive feedback and allowing those systems of feedback to change as the needs of the group change instead of just deciding "this is the system"

@pbandkate yes! the system evolves depending on the needs of the collective and how the actual collective responds to the system -- there's no dogmatism about it

@feminineforms *galaxy brain but its actually really obvious and simple voice* what if,, instead of working for the system...., the system worked for us


Industrial organization is transcribed here entirely and I converted it to kindle format. I bought Turning Point very cheap used although PDFs are probably out there.

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