and like a soft a breeze, a scent, a rustle of the leaves, a wave gently crashing, the phrase “hi pissant u sure are popping off lil queef” whispers through my mind; and then, just like that, it is gone

@nuttgodd he made me cry once re the knzk mini drama so i feel completely okay subtooting this dude into oblivion until the day i die (a healthy and normal reaction to a slight on the internet)

@killeveryhetero @jwhamilton_ yeah all i can say is that this is a call back to a literally ancient drama that happened and if you don't know, im jealous lol

@killeveryhetero @jwhamilton_ like, not even a drama, just someone being a piece of shit at a bunch of us for literalyl no reason lol

@jwhamilton_ @pbandkate some douchebag once said people who own Pitt bulls are sociopaths so I subtooting him because he searched for the word pissant to find people subtooting him cause he's a little fucking pissant and sure enough he showed up and said what Kate said in quotes at me

@jwhamilton_ @pbandkate and then we all called him an asshole and told him to fuck off until he did

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