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2020 Stance 

Voting in this election is a waste of time. Biden is indistinguishable from Trump in every way that matters. He will do nothing meaningful to combat climate catastrophe, he will do nothing to reverse Trump's authoritarian policies, he won't defund police, he won't give us M4A, he won't give us fair trade deals, he won't end wars, he won't talk about reparations or de-colonization.

If voting is worth anything at all it's for voting third-party, specifically the Green party, solely because having an actual vaguely-leftist party become viable would shake things up enough to make voting worthwhile. It has to be the Greens because they're the only ones with anything like universal ballot access.

Ultimately we will need revolution, to disband the US, to establish proletariat control of the means of production. This will require violence, as the status quo will not allow it to happen peacefully.

Take your ten minutes to vote, then arm up and join a local mutual aid group.

is radtown going offline? I've seen a few people saying stuff but I don't see any announcements or anything


We do live in the End Times, and the anti-Christ isn't a person, it's the very idea of capitalism.

It is much harder to kill an idea than it is a person.

holy shit i can already tell this article about a town that tried to go full libertarian before falling apart and then being invaded by wild bears is going to be GREAT

me to mls: the soviet project should not be idealised, but looked on as the lower limit of what's possible

me to ancoms: whatever its real or imagined crimes, the soviet union's tremendous successes & it's role as a supporter of liberationary movements can't be discounted

me to liberals: the alleged crimes of the ussr are for the most part nothing but nazi propaganda

me to right-wingers: the only thing stalin ever did wrong was stopping at berlin

Capitalism, racism, and patriarchy are all intertwined, and you're not going to get rid of one without the others.

"For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." - Ephesians 6:12

uspol, pandemic 

A lot of the US's poor response to COVID can be laid at the feet of the states, who, in the absence of clear federal leadership, should have collaborated to see that the virus didn't spread.

But they didn't.

And this, to me, is an object lesson in why anarchist principles won't work, at least in the current meta -- if you can't get a bunch of federated authoritarian states to collaborate on something as important as this, do you really think several thousand independent communes and collectives are going to do better?

D&D game 

Our game could use another player. 5e, homebrew setting, action-comedy, Sundays at 1700-2100 UTC, roll20 and discord.

We're a group of leftists so that's the only real qualification. No experience needed.

#D&D #dnd #5e

@katja sometimes you just gotta hit 'em with the logic and reason

pol, fash 

The Nazis lost WWII because they had the Red Army on their border, supported by the largest industrial economy the world had ever known.

This time it's the fash who have that enormous industrial economy, with ... nothing on their border.

WW2-X isn't gonna go down like the first.


What use is a messenger who is unable to convey the message?

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Most days I feel like God gave me all the skills except the one that matters -- how to reach people where they're at.

Our private joke, I suppose.

Someone got mad at me for pointing out that California pushed hard for the Chinese Exclusion Act like racism is an American problem, you don't get to pretend that the state you live in has a history of acceptance

Me? I'm just an epicurean snorlax with an overdeveloped sense of justice

The Media 

Is going to describe you as monsters anyway. So don't bother holding back any tactic because it will "look bad."

You have to embrace ruthlessness, your enemies should be terrified of you. "The antifa are scary terrorists" line, use it to your advantage.

Mutual aid groups call yourselves something other than Antifa. Nazis always rebrand themselves, you should too.

Militant groups, embrace the scary Antifa lable. Make it more than just Fascist illusionary propaganda.


The war of our time is not a war of men, it is a war of ideals. Men are merely the field of battle, and the stakes are the entire planet and the future of humanity.

Our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against the dark ideas that infect the noosphere and fester in people's minds. Only through embracing and sharing the Uncorrupted Meme can this war be won.

The democrats are actually very competent at doing their job, which is suppressing the left and fundraising off of being fake opposition to their friends in the GOP. Tell you that Trump is Hitler, but then fund his budgets and launder his policies.

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