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Hello, I'm Otter, but you can call me Ott.

I'm a trans anarchist feminist lesbian poly shitposter.

Likes: puns, otters, weird computer stuff, water, new friends

Dislikes: social media, computers, getting out of bed in the morning when i'm all wrapped up and cozy, computers, the state

Sometimes I cosplay as: a boy, a furry, a competent human being. I am not any of these things.

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I saw someone use the word "gay" pejoratively today and it took me a minute to, like, realize they weren't saying the thing was good

looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that one day I'll be a pretty okay girl c:

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me: im going to bed
me thirty godforesaken minutes later:

person at food place is starting to remember me and my order, time to get a new food place

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super mario world speedrunners 🤝 hackers

popping shells in special places

ok yeah it's definitely related to hiding boosts. every time i have the problem and show boosts again, it turns out someone has just boosted 500 things onto my timeline. hrm.

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a party? no thanks. i prefer laying down

tf kink 

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shout out to all my aro peeps out there today who have to deal with this normative idea they're missing out on a part of life and are 'wrong' in some way for not being a part of this romantic experience, y'all cool as hell :heart_aro:

re: cursed sexual humor 

turning stardew valley into an anarchist commune

me, putting on my boy cosplay to go to work:

"disregard being female, acquire currency"

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