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I could make a thesis on the workings of capitalism vs. communism using Cities Skyline and Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

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L'Amérique est finie. AmeriK3a is over. Usono estas finita Estados Unidas se morió

On the one hand, I'm so sick of the bird space. That I only want to be here. On the other hand, none of the friends I like to follow will come to Mastodon.

More and more, it's beginning to seem that the point of life is to make sure you have an interesting death.

This is why the bird space sucks. This Nazi Bitch was allowed to post pictures of herself wearing Panesar St white supremacy clothing. I get jail for saying someone should punch her in the throat for wearing a Viking Othala Rune.

Not depression but, I was thinking today ; if one is a so-called 'average person', with no seed of 'greatness' in them, life is pretty FKn meaningless.

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Roll your own @ eff.org/deeplinks/2016/07/new-

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