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Yknow now That you mention it, the character would lend him self well to the format. I think this could be big

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sending out a big smooch to all the grittykins out there in the fediverse

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sparkling water is the only drink on earth worthy of carbonation

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[me, standing in the window, while a guy with a telescope looks at me]
“I feel so seen”

thank you for following me here in once again another place

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you either die a posting hero
or live long enough to be canceled

how to lose a guy in 10 days:
step 1: blindfold him
step 2: take his phone away
step 3: drive him to a unrecognizable location, preferably one with little to no people
step 4: leave him


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i like the way david bowie says "kooks" in the song "kooks"

now that i am on radical town i hope that this new account delivers the most important aspect of a social network: the feeling that i'm worthwhile because someone interacted with my content

here it is. my first post on this account. good stuff.

Radical Town

A cool and chill place for cool and chill people.