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when leftists do it it's called "propaganda", but when corporations do it it's called "advertising", when liberals do it it's called "the news", and when nazis do it it's called "just a joke"

ou Γ© o prefeito-candidato-a-prefeito que tΓ‘ dando uma de idiota? (pra variar)

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acabou algum campeonato? que buzinΓͺ Γ© esse?

just organized my firefox tabs by color.

looks nice.

i mean, i already went to the gym, helped my mom give meds to her ferocious cats (got a nasty bite in the finger by the angriest one), ordered stuff online, did some light auto-promotion and pacman -Syu.

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i had some stuff i wanted to do today but i think i'm just gonna sit in the sun for a bit and then do games.

If laziness was an Olympic discipline, I would probably come in fourth: can't be bothered climbing up that podium.

just bought some LEGAL-with-prescription cannabis extract for my fucked up TMJ.

also in theory supposed to help with my hyper-mobility pains and depression and anxiety.

here's hoping :blobcatheart:

you can subscribe from your mastodon/etc account too: @olivia

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i have FIFTEEN subscribers in my peertube account.


make me MORE famous?

on today's episode of O RLY:

Facebook Enabled β€œGlobal Political Manipulation”: Ex-Employee’s 6,600-Word Memo

fixing a little thing in the second video now. gonna re-upload soon :)

you can follow @art_things to get new uploads of my art stuff in your timeline :blobcatheart:

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