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switched to the black miband3 bracelet. feeling a bit MACHO.

NTFS: help I cannot function without being defrag'd and 40 minutes chkdisks every boot
UFS: help I cannot boot because the power went out and the journal isn't on
XFS: help I literally cannot shrink
ZFS: help I need semi-regular scrubs to verify checksums that match to prevent data loss
EXT4: :blobcatcooljazz:

My work sent this out to everyone and I figured the fediverse would like it.

i fear i have to express an unpopular opinion:
is a very boring monospaced .

think i'm gonna take my 4th 0,25mg alprazolam today. i mean. it's still just 1mg, right? that can't be too bad.

i think i'm now starting to fall for this one :

recommend it.
also changed system things to . cantarell might be the only sans-serif font i find pleasant.

panic attacks make you feel like you've done a lot of exercise. while your brain still tells you you're done absolutely nothing all day.

i'm not a big fan of panic attacks. they leave you feeling like a blob of thing afterwards.

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Maybe it's a specialization thing. Men were hunters, women were recolectors, and need to find things. Men are also dumber.

that said, husband is off going to the post office to send illustrations to the people that claimed them.

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husband: where's your wallet?
me: in my backpack.
husband: i looked, it's not.
me: it's either in my backpack, next to the bed or in the bed's drawer. or in your backpack.
husband: *looks*
me: did you find it?
husband: no.
me: *gets up, goes look*

wallet was in my backpack.

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men are not very good at finding things, now, isn't it? is it a testosterone thing? a cultural thing? i wonder.

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