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new night drugs make me sleep like a rock. need to take them earlier i think.

gonna do some streaming today in about two hours. miniatures in the make. come join me if you're around?

this article on my grandma from the NYT in 1987:



"suzana amaral the best movie director in brazil!" some random dude once said when we were standing in like at the bakery. also the best grandma, mind you.

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bye bye grandma, my crazy grandma, my favorite grandma, the best of grandmas.

i'll remember you at your best, loudly complaining about slow people at restaurants, acting shy when people recognized you out in public, giving other drivers the finger on the highway, saying to us kids we didn't need to shower that night because we had after all spent the whole day at the swimming pool, and your crazy-ass stories about fooling the police during the military dictatorship.

you are responsible for a big part of my best self (and definitely also for a bit of my bad self). i'll miss you. <3

i have to leave my bubble tomorrow morning. i don't like leaving my bubble.

#Sengi 0.30.0 is here! πŸ™‚

It's mostly a big refactoring (so not so much visible stuff) but at least you can now browse followings and followers of any account. πŸ˜‰

There is also a lot of minor fixes as always!

#mastodon #pleroma #client #app

a panic-free day after a panic-attack-evening is always good.

also, shaved my head.

they do human tone variations.

should i be worried?

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two of my cats might be learning how to speak human.

this beer just met up with the rivotril i took earlier. they are joining hands and dancing the dance of zzzzZZzzZzZzz

also bought a piece of dead cow meat because my brain is asking for it. so sorry, cow.

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