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"the guy that invented this nutella pot should go to jail." - HUSBAND, 2020.

Duerme mucho 🐱💤 Báñate regularmente 😺👅 Aléjate de los humanos 😼😭
Tips de un gato para la cuarentena:

#cuarentena #gato #tips #covid_19 #coronavirus #cat #quarantine

it's raining again! good morning from the trenches!


my problem with geckos is they poop everywhere.

also scare the shit out of me when they jump to catch a prey and end up falling down with a PLOP sound right next to me.

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tomorrow might as well take a small break from stardew valley and care for my real life garden a bit.

ok, found a good balance between performance an graphics for the sims 3 on my laptop :ablobcatrave:

did you know geckos make a nec nec nec sound as they talk to each other?

well, they do.

Social distancing - positive - self-promotional 

I really wish our local gov and organizations will stop using Facebook for announcements regarding #covid19.

1. You won't see it, unless you go to their Page.

Well that's it right there. If you put it on your website, like you should, people will see it.

covid / angry 

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covid / angry 

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