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studying bash to write scripts because the fish shell already has my heart and i don't care what you dinosaur coder person say

husband is getting ready to fix the gutter with his climbing gear.

on a not so bright note, we also got a lot of depression and anxiety.


if you think about it, the mid-80s generation got the best of two worlds. we got today's tech in late teen years and managed to have a decent screen-free childhood. i guess that, most of the time, allows for the ability to look at tech in a more critical manner.

according to wikipedia i might be both. or none.

i never know if i'm a very early millennial or a very late boomer.

here's my piece of wisdom for all you late millennials out there: after 25 it's all downhill.

looking at your own hands and realizing *age is here to stay*.

It's #IloveFS day, so let's take a moment to appreciate the contributions from everyone involved in free software!

I'll start on and with this platform I'm using here:

Thank you @Gargron, keep up your fantastic work! Love what you created here, every single day!

Here it is! The grand finale of the 2nd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2020

Should Python really be able to defend its title? Is C still the lingua franca of programming in 2020?

You decide!

kitten woke up. gotta go feed him.


one of my mom's cat is called BATATINHA (little potato).

i named her.

not sorry.

β€ͺI hate capitalism so much I honesty feel bad every time I go into any business and the employees have to do any amount of work to assist me. ‬

my mom's siamese cat staring at me from the darkness at the top of the stairs.

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