i'll be some today in about 45 min (1400 UTC). who's in? come keep me company?


@yabirgb i am pretty sure it does! have you fiddled with settings already?

@cadadr take a look at richard wolff's stuff for an educated communist perspective on things, if that seems interesting to you, for starters (i think the youtube channel is called democracy at work), and i'll take a look at my list to see if i can recommend something :)

most of what i listen to though is more geared toward theory, not that practical in the sense of how to deal with things in your own personal life, but i think that does give us a good insight on how the system works πŸ˜›

tut is the best terminal mastodon app at the moment. when it gets multiple accounts i'm never leaving this again.

@gabriel sin duda todavia mΓ‘s por eso. pero tambiΓ©n un poco por viver ahora en una ciudad chica, y ya no llevo una hora para llegar en el trabajo >.<

@gabriel igual ahora casi no salgo de la casa, así que capaz no esté malo escuchar podcasts en la tabla ¬¬

@gabriel yo la usaba cuando tenΓ­a un smartphone :D tΓ‘ buena! pasa que ahora tengo solo un tablet, y escucho podcasts en un ipod viejo (o en la compu) >.<

here's an interesting podcast episode on poetry and science, for those of you that like poetry and science: bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0812tcs

@queerfrog yeah, but then you miss the whole decentralized fun! spotify is killing podcasts!

@queerfrog you have a point. but then you have a point again. so yeah. goods and bads.

still i'm trying to find a link to the nice podcast episode i just listened to.

problem with podcasts is there is no quick and easy way to share them.

i am now in bed wearing husband's tshirt and hoodie, and therefore there's nothing more i could possibly want in this life.

so i've decided that american people can use "america" to refer to their country, but whenever they do they have to specify which america they are talking about, like "because in america, the country, ..."

@nonphatic i think the QC universe is bigger than real life

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