If you don't come out of this quarantine with:

-Mastery of the secrets of the arcane
-The ability to summon a raven companion with eyes that see all and whispers to you forbidden knowledge in your sleep
-The elixir to eternal life

You didn't lack time, you lack discipline.

@felix clothes had diseases :(

example: they gave clothes to the native people of patagonia because of the cold weather, but clothes not onky had diseases, they also weren't as warm as the fur carcasses the natives used to wear before. so they pretty much all died.

@felix south america should sue europe for all those nasty flus that killed all the natives 🤔

@lupita ahh tá. eu achei que a automattic já tinha vendido 😅

Es urgente que creemos nuestro propio nodo, compañeros!
¿Cuál de estos les parece mejor?

anyone has a suggestion for a nice driving/racing game that doesn't require a super good controller? my controller is kinda shitty but i have a craving for driving games.

@ekaitz_zarraga @eider oh nevermind, i thought you were replying to the steam thing hahaha >.<

stop eating your fingers stop eating your fingers

anyone want to be my friend on steam? :)

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