PINKERING. i love this. giridharadas is the best.

can i just say how much i hate podcasts that don't display their RSS and only offer a bunch of nonsense links to a bunch of nonsense podcasting services?

radtown still is the coolest instance in the fediverse.


me: "i was listening to an interview with neil gaiman..."
husband: "who's neil gaiman?"
me: "neil gaiman!"
husband: *gives me a blank look*
me: "you do know i'll put this on mastodon, right?"

@ekaitz_zarraga haha you know spanish i guess that's close enough

@danieol é que aqui no brazil acho tem que mover as timelines pra direita um pouco pq as parada de tecnologia chega sempre com atraso 😜

@danieol pior é que eu sou de 85, fiquei no.meio do caminho entre uma geração e outra

@danieol denunciou a idade. e ne chamou de velha 😜

@danieol haha moço único meme que eu conheço é CAN I HAZ CHEZBURGER

This is probably in vain but: is anyone traveling from Ukraine to Germany (Berlin/Brandenburg area) some time soon and would be willing to transport a cat for me? Cat has all international papers and vaccinations etc. already.

@yo @vestal that's be the spanish language laughter 😜

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