did some drawings on stream :)

yours to claim if you want! just send me the postage fee and it's yours (sure you can contribute with more if you can, but it's not necessary)!

(help me spread the word?)

tiny things made on stream today (hourglass still in progress).

more to come next friday!

"suzana amaral the best movie director in brazil!" some random dude once said when we were standing in like at the bakery. also the best grandma, mind you.

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bye bye grandma, my crazy grandma, my favorite grandma, the best of grandmas.

i'll remember you at your best, loudly complaining about slow people at restaurants, acting shy when people recognized you out in public, giving other drivers the finger on the highway, saying to us kids we didn't need to shower that night because we had after all spent the whole day at the swimming pool, and your crazy-ass stories about fooling the police during the military dictatorship.

you are responsible for a big part of my best self (and definitely also for a bit of my bad self). i'll miss you. <3

#cat #sad 

found this today.

me and mad dog, campus party in sΓ£o paulo, 2009.

so very .

there other two in ink + watercolor also yours to claim if you want :)

let's spread some art in times of sadness.

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also these: watercolor paper, ink and watercolor.

yours if you want (only the middle one still available)!!

postage costs is 2 dollars more or less if you're outside latin america and that's IT. of course anything extra you can send will be greatly appreciated but definitely not necessary.

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