hey, have you seen my pay-what-you-want original available for claiming?


help me spread the love?

here's some of them; check the link for more :blobcatreach:

can we call take a moment to admire this great moment in the history of my random wallpaper-ing and pywal-ing.

originals available for claiming!

minimum price is the postage fee (~2 dollars). anything else is up to you. if that's all you can pay, there's absolute NO SHAME. i still want to send you art :)

spread the word!


originais disponíveis para envio! é só pedir!

o preço mínimo é o valor da postagem (2-3 reais pra envio dentro do brasil). de resto é você quem manda. se a postagem é tudo que você pode pagar, não precisa ter nenhuma vergonha, eu ainda quero te mandar arte!

espalha espalha!

looking nice and fancy.

[my miniature cabinet with a bunch of wizard thingies on it, potions, decanters, pots and bottles and scrolls and books..]

evento em homenagem a Suzana Amaral minha avó querida 🤗💚


these are free to claim and i'll mail it to you via real actual physical post. all i need is you send me the postage fee :)

if you're able to send any extra to support my work that is greatly appreciated but **you don't have to** if you can't.


gonna draw more on today starting in about an hour (13h30 UTC) on twitch.tv/shadnyex come keep me company? that'd be awesome :D

(boosts welcome! help me spread my work?)

joaquim wishes you all a happy and would like to let everyone know he doesn't care, really.

re-doing the fence. lockdown cat staring at the outside world.

my new external hd GAMER CASE. it is gamer because LEDS. and gamer lines design. obviously.

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