Tupã is the brother of Paçoca and Pipoca. he has this wild cat looks which is why we named him after Tupã, the god of thunder (or thunder itself). and he wears white gloves (and white boots, unfortunately not visible in the photo), because he's a fancy cat. a fancy and very elegant wild cat.

he doesn't care about humans much, unless they are _his_ humans. he's more of a cat person. i mean, a cat cat. so he's very loving to all the other cats, and won't cause much trouble unless you sleep too much and don't let him out for his morning walk. then he'll loudly (but very politely) remind you it's past 6 am and you're still in bed, and the door is closed, and that can't be right.

Tupã likes climbing trees but sometimes jumps to places he doesn't know how to get out of afterwards. good thing he has some helpful work-at-home humans around most of the time.

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Pipoca is one of Paçoca's siblings. she's very much a house cat. while all the others go out for walks, she prefers to stick to the garden, where it's safe, and her humans are usually around. not to mention there are things to hunt, and Pipoca loves hunting.

Pipoca likes to chat, so she'll talk to you if you talk to her, and tell you about the last bug she ate. she doesn't like when it rains and there is thunder. she likes to eat, mostly. which is why she's turning into a little ball of a cat.

she's very loving and will treat her humans the same way she treats the other cats: licking and biting. she does seem to think humans are very strange creatures, which is why she's always talking, probably asking what the hell you're doing. and she makes sure she lets you know when you forget to let her into the bathroom before you close the door. what's the point of closed doors anyway?

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this is Paçoca. this is her normal resting face. she's always on to something, looking for trouble or for something interesting you might have on your working desk she could steal and play with.

so she'll be jumping on the other cats and running around as if some alarm has just gone off. biting your foot while you sleep if you move an inch. stealing your toothbrush to play with it. also she has a thing for brooms: if you start cleaning, count on her to get in your way, attack the broom or just spread the dirt all over again. she can hear the sound of a sweeping broom even if she's outside digging holes in the garden.

she likes watching people take a shower, but she doesn't understand the whole 'water' thing, so she might ask about it loudly. not that she minds water, though. which is probably why she'll always jump on the sink if someone's brushing their teeth, waiting for the water that comes from that metal thingy.

she's Mozart's favorite cat.

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Nyx is one of Pança's daughters. she's a hunter. she'll eat grasshoppers and catch birds and lizards when they get distracted. she'll also eat your cake if you're not looking. and your bread. and anything you might forget in the kitchen. sometimes she'll jump on your table while you work, steal a pencil and run away.

she will be staring at your face while you sleep, waiting for you to open your eyes so she can greet you. if a human wakes up in the middle of the night, she'll want to be petted. because humans only wake up in the middle of the night when they want to pet her. or when you're checking mastodon on your phone: she'll happily help you pay attention to more important things by butting her head between you and the screen, and maybe biting the phone, because it's getting in the way.

she broke her left leg once but we have no idea how. she still walks in a funny way, but she doesn't seem to mind. she's still the best hunter in the house. poor birds.

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this is Pança. Pança means belly in portuguese. when she showed up by our house she had a belly full of kittens, hence the name. because we didn't want to keep her, so we just called her the cat with the Pança. but then, how could we not keep her?

Pança always has this 'hello i'm Pança' face. like the face of a cat that did nothing wrong, never. ever.

but she does have a enormous ability to get herself into trouble. after giving birth, her uterus popped out. really. the vet put it back and saved her. when the kittens were about 45 days old, she had a convulsion. turns out her uterus had a huge infection. so the vet did one complicated surgery to remove the uterus. she survived and, well, the next day she had that face again, as if nothing had happened.

she's a silent company that makes you forget about anything bad that might have happened. because she just looks at you and she has that face. 'hello, i'm Pança'.

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Tonico is completely shameless. he wants you to pet his head and his belly and everything else. he'll sit on your lap if he has a chance. he'll sit on your lap if you look at him. he'll lick your hair because that's what people do when they like each other, right?

he also loves being patted. hard if you will. some cat-massage, please. more. if you try to stop and go do something else, he'll sit on your lap and look awfully cute and you'll be stuck forever.

he's a cat-nurse. if you're sick, count on Tonico to keep you company and keep you warm. if you're already too warm because it's 35 degrees celcius outside, you can also count on him to make you even warmer. he should probably work at a hospital.

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here's Mozart. everyone thinks he's so very handsome because of his blue eyes and big size and he agrees.

but Mozart is camera shy and... well, mostly just everything-shy. doesn't like new people and when a guest manages to pet him it's always a victory. he sleeps on our pillows because why not.

sometimes he gets in a crazy mood and start bullying the other cats. other times he feels like playing but no one wants to play and then he just bullies everyone anyway. he's too big and strong for the others and really has no sense of his own strength, so poor Mozart. no one wants to play with him.

Mozart has a bit of FOMO and always wants to know what's going on. can't miss a thing. he's an anxious cat and he just wants to be loved. he might bite your elbow if you don't love him.

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this is Joaquim. he's my baby and he knows it. he likes being pet on the belly, but maybe not really. he's not sure. a big ball of fluff and also a bit grumpy all the time.

he loves sleeping in the bathroom sink. or by the water pot. because he likes drinking water between naps and doesn't want to have to walk all the way to the pot just for that.

he also talks a lot. he doesn't really meow -- he TALKS. a normal cat goes 'meow' but Joaquim goes 'meoo oow ee mooeww maah eom'. he talks after he poops because he wants everyone to know he did a good job covering it. he doesn't like weird smells so if you clean the floor he'll quickly rub himself all over it to make sure the house smells better. how nice.

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my current desktop setup (colors change every day or depending on my mood and/or time of day (lighting conditions) by randomizing the wallpaper with and picking either a dark or light theme.

@freedcreative here it is :)

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