i want one of those old school mp3 players that was really just a pen drive with a shitty screen and battery and a earphone plug.

@olivia that's definitely a "relatable nostalgia" feeling. i had one, it started to fail but still worked, i used it for years after i was unable to find any workable way to reformat it lol

@poiseunderchaos i mean, i get the appeal of a smartphone having all the things in one device, but i hate the idea of carrying a phone and internet thing with me all the time. i now have a tablet and put my sim card in it and leave it at home when i go out haha

i do have a dumbphone if i really need to be reachable and then i can just stick the sim card in it.

so i guess i still prefer things to be separate? not to mention smartphones nowadays are all GIANT. if you told my 15 year old that's what would happen i would be like WTF

@poiseunderchaos remember when the COOLEST phones where the tiny ones? (or maybe you were born after 1990?)

@olivia even older than that! i remember the cool phones looking like a 3D model, lol. like the one keanu reeves gets in the matrix

@poiseunderchaos haha i don't remember what that phone would be 🤔 i remember i had my first phone in high school and it was red with a little black antenna but my cool hip rich friends had this really tiny one that looked like a little grey alien and an antenna you could retract 😯.

@olivia i've gone back and forth a few times between not having one at all, and being kind of bought in. right now, i have a annoyingly huge smart phone and a "will probably die at some point and starts to fail if it gets too hot" backup that i got before that one

but it all seems like "...what the heck is this" lol

@poiseunderchaos it's an interesting concept taken to extreme levels of bullshit?

@poiseunderchaos we're old, obviously. young people look at a computer and think geez i can't put this shitty dino in my pocket.

@olivia definitely. my idea of a computer is "a box that you can put parts into" which is definitely not the zeitgeist atm, lol

@poiseunderchaos i hang out online with linux gamer types, so they would probably agree with you.

@olivia linux folks drive me up a wall sometimes, because i mostly do music production with computers these days, but yeah, like that

@olivia oh yeah. i'm waiting for people to start holding something that looks suspiciously like an ipad up to their ear or trying to awkwardly thumb type with it

@olivia hahaha. like really really baggy jeans that look like they were designed for shoplifting xD

@poiseunderchaos i do have this men's shorts that can hold my tablet in its pocket. without it even sticking out.

@olivia granted. even cuter if a butch was wearing them though, haha

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@olivia I have one of those! I use it almost every day and I love it! Relatively recent widget, too.

@gnomon i just saw they are still sold. but seemed a bit expensive 😭

@olivia some of them are pretty pricey, yeah. The FiiO M6 I've been using is on the more affordable end of that product spectrum though, and for the price it is _superb_.

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