coders and non-coders of the fediverse: what is your **favorite ever** monospaced font?

(boosts? i like monospaced fonts.)

me myself i've been using Dina for some time now, but i quite like cozette and ypn envypn. if only they had italics :blobcatmmm:

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@olivia using cozette but i'd try tamzen if it had the same glyph coverage

@ensa cozette is very sexy, right? missing italics for now, but i'm hoping they'll get there soon!

@olivia ah! Ohh I’ve not used it since I had a Linux laptop. But I think the 10px size was great there (it was a 1440px vertical res screen)

@antifuchs some of these bitmap-like fonts like terminus sometimes seem to be they get kinda LARGE in bigger sizes, and for me also a bit strange. but when they are too small i can barely read them haha

@antifuchs oh, that IS true. but i might be a little addicted to bitmap looking fonts now? i wonder if there's going back now >.<

@olivia that’s extremely fair - wish somebody made a vector font with bitmap edges

@antifuchs cozette has cozettevector, might be something like that.

i used iosevka for some time as well before the bitmap bug bit me.

@antifuchs @olivia I switched my browser's default font to terminus and have tried (not fully successfully) to override all rules in my user stylesheet so that every element uses it always

@technomancy @antifuchs hahaha i do that with whatever's my font of the moment as well >.>

@olivia I've been using Hack for a few years. It's nice, but it doesn't have ligatures and I haven't really shopped around for fonts.

@operand hmmm interesting. i've seen a few people say they like this one

@olivia There's only one thing I can say for sure about Hack: I would really miss that beautiful dotted 0 if I had to use another font.

@operand ooooh you are a dotted zero kinda of person 😆

@RussSharek @kameleonidas hehe i'm yet to understand what makes it so special. but then it's probably like inconsolata and source code pro... just a well made monospaced font, period.

@olivia @kameleonidas

Fonts are really personal, I think. They define your ui to the text you are reading. My focus was better with Hack, so I kept it.

@RussSharek @kameleonidas that makes complete sense, yeah. i'm just a sucker for fonts, and i love discovering new ones.

@olivia @kameleonidas

I love good typography too. Have you read practical typography!

@olivia I'm a fan of Go Mono:

That page points to a git repo, though it looks like it's also available here:

@julio didn't know that one. though it probably takes some getting used to serif monospaced fonts, i would imagine

@olivia I've always used serif fonts for writing assignments and they're easier for me to read. So, it was pretty natural to use a serif mono font when I started coding

@chpietsch that is still my favorite non-bitmapy font, yeah. so pretty.

@cambrian_era @olivia I'm a weirdo and I use Fira Code/Fira Mono without ligatures.
Whatever JetBrains came up for a font is also good but too tall.
Hack's also good.
Source Code Pro? Idk

@olivia totally felt in love ever since I saw it on unixporn , its been my font ever since !

@motorto i saw it first there as well. used for a long time. but then went into bitmap-y fonts and could never go back :-0

@kelbot i love these tiny fonts... but my monitor is too fullhd for them hahaha

@olivia I haven't explored much, but I'm comfortable OpenSans Mono. That's what elementary OS defaults to.

@olivia i've been enjoying jetbrains mono recently it's got a very clean and distinctive look imho, plus support for lots of ligatures

it is made by a Corporation, but i think that shouldn't be a problem given how it's licensed ? :blobcatthinking:

@olivia I'm a big fan of the non-antialiased pixel font that Linux uses sometimes when it's able to modeset the screen and figure out the proper resolution. I'm not sure if I'd want to use it as my standard font without using a tiling wm and having the rest of my desktop not be antialiased, but I think it looks neat whenever I need to use it like when dropping to a tty to mess with things outside Xorg.

@lunch @olivia Depending which distro you're using, that could actually be one of several fonts.
Ubuntu uses a pixel version of Ubuntu Mono on the console.
Most other distributions end up using a font based on the 8x16 VGA text console font - but displayed using a different, wider aspect ratio (framebuffer console has square pixels, but vga console did not). should be this font? There's a download bundle of a bunch of old system fonts on that site, including that one.

@kepstin I'm on Debian, so whatever that uses I suppose.

I specifically like it because it doesn't have the blocky lines and serifs that the IBM font has

@olivia IBM Plex® is different and nice. Not sure I’ve got a fave.

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