coders and non-coders of the fediverse: what is your **favorite ever** monospaced font?

(boosts? i like monospaced fonts.)

me myself i've been using Dina for some time now, but i quite like cozette and ypn envypn. if only they had italics :blobcatmmm:

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@olivia using cozette but i'd try tamzen if it had the same glyph coverage

@ensa cozette is very sexy, right? missing italics for now, but i'm hoping they'll get there soon!

@olivia ah! Ohh I’ve not used it since I had a Linux laptop. But I think the 10px size was great there (it was a 1440px vertical res screen)

@antifuchs some of these bitmap-like fonts like terminus sometimes seem to be they get kinda LARGE in bigger sizes, and for me also a bit strange. but when they are too small i can barely read them haha

@antifuchs oh, that IS true. but i might be a little addicted to bitmap looking fonts now? i wonder if there's going back now >.<

@olivia that’s extremely fair - wish somebody made a vector font with bitmap edges

@antifuchs cozette has cozettevector, might be something like that.

i used iosevka for some time as well before the bitmap bug bit me.

@xosem @kensanata @olivia @antifuchs Came here to see if someone dared to say that. I like and use it, too. 🤷‍♀️

@encarsia @xosem @kensanata @antifuchs hahaha ubuntu mono is not completely bad if you're going with the whole ubuntu look, i think?

@encarsia @xosem @kensanata @antifuchs have you tried........ any other monospaced font? i mean. you might like one! >.<

@olivia Yes, I have but I'm no typography nerd. If a font can be easily installed and I like the style, count me in (I'm a lazy and simple creature). @xosem @kensanata @antifuchs

@antifuchs @olivia I switched my browser's default font to terminus and have tried (not fully successfully) to override all rules in my user stylesheet so that every element uses it always

@technomancy @antifuchs hahaha i do that with whatever's my font of the moment as well >.>

@olivia I've been using Hack for a few years. It's nice, but it doesn't have ligatures and I haven't really shopped around for fonts.

@operand hmmm interesting. i've seen a few people say they like this one

@olivia There's only one thing I can say for sure about Hack: I would really miss that beautiful dotted 0 if I had to use another font.

@operand ooooh you are a dotted zero kinda of person 😆

@RussSharek @kameleonidas hehe i'm yet to understand what makes it so special. but then it's probably like inconsolata and source code pro... just a well made monospaced font, period.

@olivia @kameleonidas

Fonts are really personal, I think. They define your ui to the text you are reading. My focus was better with Hack, so I kept it.

@RussSharek @kameleonidas that makes complete sense, yeah. i'm just a sucker for fonts, and i love discovering new ones.

@olivia @kameleonidas

I love good typography too. Have you read practical typography!

@olivia I'm a fan of Go Mono:

That page points to a git repo, though it looks like it's also available here:

@julio didn't know that one. though it probably takes some getting used to serif monospaced fonts, i would imagine

@olivia I've always used serif fonts for writing assignments and they're easier for me to read. So, it was pretty natural to use a serif mono font when I started coding

@olivia I couldn't even name a single monospace font, defaults all the way

@felix we both knew that question was obviously not directed at you

@chpietsch that is still my favorite non-bitmapy font, yeah. so pretty.

@cambrian_era @olivia I'm a weirdo and I use Fira Code/Fira Mono without ligatures.
Whatever JetBrains came up for a font is also good but too tall.
Hack's also good.
Source Code Pro? Idk

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