wtf europeans complaining about 25-29 degrees celcius as if that was hot? I'm confused.

@olivia excuse me, 29 degrees celsius are a temperature I am simply not built to withstand, so I'm just gonna melt while shopping for groceries now I guess (also good god I am afraid of the weeks where we get above 30...)

@sousaphone i wouldn't mind that if europeans didn't insist on making fun of me when i get cold at any temperature below 25 😁

as it stands, i troll when trolled.

@sousaphone also, it's freezing here and i might have to put on socks! eeerk!

@olivia that's okay, I know you can survive the horror of wearing socks, I have absolute confidence in you

@olivia it's 28 degrees here, I am going to die...

@sousaphone though, really, 28 is kind of a winter temperature to me 🤔

@olivia 28 is... I'll call it "survivable", I only start truly suffering above 30, but god damn I cannot wait for summer to be over, partially because of the temperature, partially because I'll get a lot of fog when fall comes here and mainly because I look a lot cuter in fall clothes than I do in shorts

@sousaphone yes, in the end the real problem is europeans won't put on shorts 😜

@olivia I do, but only when the temperature leaves me no choice

@olivia Okay, that's fair... I basically like temperatures exclusively below 25 degree, preferably significantly below that

@olivia I live in a heavily insulated house with no air condition and 27 degrees outside. Also I'm sitting in front of a warm laptop.

Yes I think it's hot :blobsweats:

@olivia Maybe it is not hot, I guess there is no absolute measure for that, so one person's cold is another person's hot and vice versa.

Just consider: when the temperature is 25C or higher in Scotland for a few days, every time people die as a result. Because such temperatures used to be very rare and esp. older people have difficulty withstanding it.

@wim_v12e yes! I'm just trolling because i get trolled when I'm cold at 23 degrees 😝

@wim_v12e like now. I'm wearing TROUSERS and my feet are cold.

@olivia I've been in Japan for several summers. I think it is hot there in summer by pretty much anyone's standards, and very humid too. And I remember one day it got below 25 degrees, and I was cold too, much to my amusement in fact.

@wim_v12e hahaha yes! i remember a winter in argentina when it was 14 degrees and i was celebrating the warmth 😝

@olivia the europeans are right on this one and it pains me to say it

@olivia @melissasage she is a nu yawkah pay her no mind she's on the same latitude as the euros

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