how's doing, by the way? is it usable yet?

federation working properly? discovery while logged out possible? any decent mobile app yet?

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@tagomago @PixelDroid i got the mobile app to check. doesn't seem to connect to the one instance i have an account in. maybe i should try a different instance.

@tagomago i just really wished pixelfed had a decent easy way to follow people from other instances when you're at their page.

@olivia So sorry, can't help, I don't have a smartphone. But there's been tests that looks like it worked:

Today though, I can't even post on the web app. There's something wrong with the UI.


@tagomago i'll just keep pretending i don't need anything to replace the instagram i kicked out of my life ¬¬

@olivia @PixelDroid

Ooops, I just got this after login in on Chromium (not on Firefox weirdly enough):

Check out @pixelfed

@tagomago @pixelfed i need an instance that isn't run by the pixelfed dev. he got some weird ideas.

I've got an instance on!!
things are still a little wonky but I use a bot to crosspost onto a bunch of other sites lol

@olivia I only own one domain lmaooooo is masto is pixelfed, nextcloud, funkwhale, proxmox....

I just collect services lmaoo

@wgahnagl when my isp stops charging a kidney for an external ip i'm so hosting a bunch of stuff.

@olivia I've just got a college that Is an ISP that lets me do what I like lmaoo

@olivia @tagomago hey, could you tell me what instance that is? Maybe they didn't activate the API

@PixelDroid @tagomago it's
figured it would be something like that :-/

@olivia @tagomago no they seem to have their api on. Do you use 2FA? That doesn't work yet

@PixelDroid @tagomago no 2fA or anything, though. my internet was being weird earlier, so i'm gonna try again.

@PixelDroid it works now! so it was my Internet's fault :)

pretty app btw, though it doesn't look as if was made for tablets 😝 if you need help translating it to portuguese lemme know!

@olivia you can take a look at, to help with the translations. There's still quite some work for Portuguese 😊

Be sure to check out the new release as well :)

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