my beloved now doesn't allow me to drag multiple files around because of some dumb new feature. suggestions for a different file manager that plays nice with gtk+xfce+openbox and doesn't require a whole DE of dependencies?


@olivia it's very simple and lightweight, it does the job (at least for me).
It's the file browser of the lxde environment.

@olivia I'm really happy with spacefm. It has a lot of nice things like optional dual (or even quad) pane mode and a directory tree sidebar. I don't think it has a ton of dependencies.

@olivia when i read this i was all like "what is this mad user saying" then i went to check... time to move to Caja i guess...

@HexDSL i tried spacefm and pcmanfm now, spacefm seems a bit confusing, but pcmanfm is pretty nice :)

@olivia maybe Nemo (from cinnamon) could do the job ?

@Matthieu i think i used it for some time back when i was using gnome. might give it another go.

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