when do you start worrying about recharging your phone/tablet/laptop?
(please boost because i'm curious) :)

so we got almost 50% of people with no sense of fear it seems.

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@olivia depends very much on whether I am planning to go out or not

@felix as someone that rarely goes out, i obviously didn't take that into account >.<

@felix maybe in a normal-ish situation in which you might go out, but you're not sure? i say 'worrying' because i'm more curious about when people start thinking about charging more than the action of charging itself.

@olivia I'll often start charging it at around 30% if I'm not going to need it for a while, but that's convenience and not bc I feel like it NEEDS it.

@olivia after it runs out of battery entirely

@olivia I get edgy around 70% actually but hate rummaging around for cables and chargers s I just keep going until it actually runs out

@dch hahaha you might be edgy all the time, then?

@olivia That's if I'm away from home. At home I will cavalierly drop to below 15%, even 10%, without a care.

@olivia I typically start charging my phone when it gets below 10% and my laptop I plug in when it falls into the single digits.

@KBY30 ouch. i get nervous when my laptop goes to 40% already.


different levels for different devices, since their power-related behaviors are different, including threshholds, type of notification, what steps they take at what level, how easy it is to recharge them

@deejoe makes sense. i have all my devices warning me at 15%, but i rarely let it get to that point unless i forget (or if i thought i plugged in the charger but didn't, as i do with my laptop more often than i wished).

@olivia I used to wait until closer to 30% but my ancient device likes to suddenly power off around 50% now.

@nivex oh, that. exactly. i think i'm traumatized by that kind of thing.


Both my phone and my primary laptop have either low power consumption or a big battery or both. Typical use time on each machine is 8+ hours. They also both have USB-C fast charging.

It's been transformative. The previous phone was micro-USB charging and very finicky about cables, and I would start to worry at 50%. With the new device I start to think about it at 15%.

@ed_packet imagine that :D

i think my laptop normally also has a pretty good battery life, but i usually have it running on battery when i'm outside, and then need to have brightness at 100%, which doesn't help much.

luckily for me my nerdy-electrician husband was the one that designed the electricity disposition in the house we built for us, so basically there are power outlets everywhere.


I am also pretty good for power outlets everywhere they are needed - except our old, old garage which only has a simple bare lightbulb on a janky old circuit. That perhaps is a spring/summer project to electrify the garage to let me charge my new bicycle.

@olivia Depends on time of day and anticipated use.

I'm charging now at about 50% as I anticipate using the device for quite some time further.

Later in the day, that threshold drops to about 20-30%, and before bedtime, 5% is sufficient.

Basically: range capability is a function of range requirement.


Laptop: Only below 15%
Phone: Depends if
- I'm going it and/or
- I have time to recharge it before going out
- Where I'm going/if I can recharge it outside (charged powerbank, available wall electricity socket… ).

@olivia Actually, I just wait for the "Low battery" notification, otherwise, I don't even notice the battery level, if I'm too busy.

It usually happens at about 12% battery left, but depends on the battery I'm using (6 vs 9 cells) and what I'm doing on the computer. I get that warning when there's 5 minutes left before the computer shuts down.

my laptop battery lasts about 25 minutes and the charging port only works at very specific angles, so the correct answer is "nervous at 100%"

@olivia phone I'll let die before I realize, unless I'm traveling but even then it lasts wayyyy longer than my headphones which I am nervous about the second I take off the charger. I feel like I'm just counting down the hours until silence!!

@specter wired headphones might just be the solution to all your problems then

@olivia I have one of those portable solar panels, so I charge when it's sunny enough no matter the %. Unless it's down to about 20% and going to rain.

lithium batteries, what I think I know of it, a bit long 

re: lithium batteries, what I think I know of it, a bit long 

re: lithium batteries, what I think I know of it, a bit long 

@Electron @olivia In addition to what has been said, these batteries should be kept under 80% to increase their life expectancy.

@olivia I voted "nervous at 50%" but my honest answer is I'm nervous if I /can/ plug it in and haven't. Like, if I'm in myown apartment and it's not plugged in, or I'm at a library with open outlets.

Battery is for power outages or places electricity is unavailable, to me.

@olivia I've got myself a plus sized battery that lasts almost 3 days so 15% is about 8 hours.

@olivia Actually, I'm nervous at 60%. Under 40%, I'm dying.

@im yeah, when it comes to my laptop i'm definitely like that.

@olivia i can't believe "only below 15%" is leading. this website is full of absolute degenerates

@olivia For my phone, 5% or less; for my laptop, if I have to do "real work" (coding) 30%, otherwise 15%. So I went for the average 🙂

I get myself phones with big batteries & I had the LG X Power and now I got the Moto G[something] Power - at 15% I still have a couple of hours to half a day left, at 5% maybe one or two :D

@olivia my phone gets 2 days on a full charge with heavy use.
Love it

@olivia the ABC of traveling:



We prefer the days when you could replace the #battery in your device when it became unreliable.

Not good for the #neoliberal #corporatists and #surveillanceState though.

@dsfgs i was talking about people that let their batteries drop below 15% though

Yes. We understood that.

What we find though is one only needs to worry about unpredictable #lowBattery problems when a battery is getting old.

@dsfgs that also depends a lot on whether you can even afford devices that have good battery life >.< i for one never had one of those, but then the kind of life i lead doesn't force me to depend too much on the device's battery.

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