my internet speed is currently reminding me i live in the countryside of a third world country.


i mean, 60 kb/s is quite alright, no?

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so much for the illusion of interconnectedness of the internet.

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@olivia This sounds about the same in rural areas of the United States tbh. My internet was garbage until I moved to the Chicago area.

@firescotch yeah, i read something about that a while ago.

here in the middle of bahia where i live fiber is quite new, we had 3MB internet until about a year ago, and now with fiber it's 10MB. not cheap though.

and not always as *fast* as it should be.

@olivia Oh, it never is. I pay for 25 I think and I usually get around 18 or so.

@firescotch the law here is they have to provide AT LEAST 10% of what you pay for. meaning: 10MB is actually 1MB download speed. of course it's never more than those 10%.

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