my internet speed is currently reminding me i live in the countryside of a third world country.

so much for the illusion of interconnectedness of the internet.

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@olivia This sounds about the same in rural areas of the United States tbh. My internet was garbage until I moved to the Chicago area.

@firescotch yeah, i read something about that a while ago.

here in the middle of bahia where i live fiber is quite new, we had 3MB internet until about a year ago, and now with fiber it's 10MB. not cheap though.

and not always as *fast* as it should be.

@olivia Oh, it never is. I pay for 25 I think and I usually get around 18 or so.

@firescotch the law here is they have to provide AT LEAST 10% of what you pay for. meaning: 10MB is actually 1MB download speed. of course it's never more than those 10%.

@olivia thats a typo right, you mean mb/s? my first internet connection ever was 120 kb/s like 15 years ago...

@felix sorry bout that.

i mean my internet is 10MB, but max download speed is 1MB. in theory.

@olivia i have 300 mb/s now, should i download anything for you? problem is my laptop cpu cant always keep up with the download speed of torrents 😂

@felix ouch. forget about CPU, how can your HD space even keep up with that >.<

@felix ouch. forget about CPU, how can your HD space even keep up with that >.<

@olivia i have an ssd, didnt have any problems with that. part of the problem is that firefox alone takes a lot of cpu all the time.

@felix i mean how do you manage to not run out of space haha

@olivia oh, well i dont download a lot of stuff. but when i do, its fast as fuck. actually i'm thinking of getting slower internet because i dont even know what to do with this. unless i setup some kind of home server.

@felix our home server worked with the outside world before our ISP decided to charge half of what we already pay for internet to give us an external IP. now it's just a HOME server >.<

@olivia wtf. i heard its possible to route through tor to deal with that, but never tried that.

@felix i looked into it, but physically it seems unlikely if you think about it.

@olivia oh yeah with that connection speed you can probably forget it.

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