hello all, this is my new mastodon home :heart_ace:

i'm a brazilian , and . i write and make , , and wood carvings. to my , i'm mostly a luxury door-person.

probably a communist, as anti-capitalist as i can manage, too hippie for city-people, too city-like for hippies. nerdy lover and crazy cat person (i mean my cats are all crazy).

my native language has no neutral pronouns so female ones work alright. they/them is nice too.

previous toots: @oliviamaia

@olivia @oliviamaia welcome and stay optimistic! I’m also a cool 😎 🐱 coolcat :) feline power!!!

@olivia @oliviamaia I didn't know you made miniatures! Do you have any link to your portfolio or something?

@ekaitz_zarraga i have my website but there's nothing on miniatures there because i make them mostly to myself >.<

you make miniatures too?

@olivia I was a miniature sculptor for wargames. I started being semiprofessional at university but I don't really do it anymore. I'm more focused on other stuff and I don't really have time for art :(

I still like to sculpt when I have time but I don't really have time.

@ekaitz_zarraga that's pretty cool, though. what did you use? i mostly use trash haha >.< like, literally. todo tipo de cosa que me cae en las manos. tapitas de botella, paquetes de plastico o cartón. but also i use a dremel to make wood sculptures some times.

@olivia These are some of the miniatures I've made:

I worked with fimo and epoxy clays like greenstuff or milliput.

They need a wire skeleton inside, too.

@olivia we are talking about miniatures right?

Some of them are bigger than others. The skeleton soldiers are 15mm tall, the zombie girl is like 80mm tall and is a bust...

I have some bigger sculptures too... but no pictures of them

@ekaitz_zarraga they're very nice. i usually do things in 1:12 scale because i tremble too much and have a hard time working with such tiny things.

here's some wip (they're finished now but i didn't take any pictures yet):

@ekaitz_zarraga it's a big block of wood >.< and there's a penguin! lemme find it

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