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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

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here's a family portrait i made for the husband as a gift :)

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hello all, this is my new mastodon home :heart_ace:

i'm a brazilian , and . i write and make , , and wood carvings. to my , i'm mostly a luxury door-person.

probably a communist, as anti-capitalist as i can manage, too hippie for city-people, too city-like for hippies. nerdy lover and crazy cat person (i mean my cats are all crazy).

my native language has no neutral pronouns so female ones work alright. they/them is nice too.

previous toots: @oliviamaia

husband left to get food and beer and i'm getting hungry.

imagine the time when husbands would leave to hunt for food and beer. must have been tough.

lmfao imagine being straight AND cis. can you imagine? I can't, I'm falling asleep just thinking about it

Almost every time I tell a capitalist that capitalism sucks, their rebut begins with "yeah, but-"

and I think that's pretty telling

wtf mi band i did a bunch of steps today lemme be still for the rest of the day

i got older today, so i'm wiser. you should all listen to me.

choosing your battles might just be a lot more important than the battles themselves.

lots of fav for pança and the hat, but i must confess i lost the hat while trekking today.

ooops. hope someone found it and has a good use for it.

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i did find a hat i had been looking for for some time though

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well my underwear drawer was actually quite well organized until i had to search for something that wasn't really there.

am i allowed to have a midlife crisis before 40?

am i allowed to stay in bed the whole day for my birthday?


Hello! My name is Guilherme Fitzgibbon. I am a Brazilian diplomat currently based in Berlin, here for entirely personal purposes, and recently migrated my account from I work with and study science & technology and internet governance issues, especially from the policy side. My idea is to more read/listen than publish anything. I'm currently not affiliated with academia in any way - just an admirer for now!

i cannot find my courage to get up and take a shower. anyone seen it around here maybe?

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