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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

More multiplayer Wesnoth (and lots of banter and carry on) in half an hour with @ChrisWere @olivia @uoou and more!

the only way in which neoliberalism is distinct from fascism is spelling

i still don't understand uspol 

are you done voting yet?

so maybe it's about time i start migrating to another instance... snif snif 😭

social media is an useless place for political protest. yes you can express indignation or frustration, discuss issues with people, talk about political themes that are important to you, organize around an idea.

but protesting? nope. that's like yelling at a deaf dragon. at best it gets a bunch of other people to think they are protesting with you, at worst it makes you and them believe it's enough.

mh bad 

might just take more drugs. and hope i don't fall asleep.

boo anxiety. you suck.

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mh bad 

anxiety loop.
loop anxiety.
loop loop.

@cambrian_era hey! how's the radtown prognostic so far? is anyone taking over? no news bad news? i like it here, so cozy :blobcatheart:

also, yes, i am accepting suggestions and solutions.

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and yes i tried a bunch of AUR urxvt versions to see if i could find one that didn't have glitches while typing (lines disappearing, stuff getting highlighted etc). NO LUCK.

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kitty-bitmap AUR package is all fucked up and does let you use bitmap fonts while screwing up line height.

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urxvt has weird glitches.
kitty (using it now) doesn't accept bitmap fonts.
gnome/xfce/tilix and friends won't display images and usually won't accept bitmap fonts.
other fancy ones aren't easily themable.
xterm is ugly AF.

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i want one that:

1. accepted bitmap fonts
2. no weird glitches
3. pywal/xresources themable
4. displayed images in ranger/neofetch etc
5. showed some basic emojis (which would probably mean it accepted font substitution when the bitmap fonts didn't cover all glyphs)

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none of them perfect.

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