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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

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here's a family portrait i made for the husband as a gift :)

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hello all, this is my new mastodon home :heart_ace:

i'm a brazilian , and . i write and make , , and wood carvings. to my , i'm mostly a luxury door-person.

probably a communist, as anti-capitalist as i can manage, too hippie for city-people, too city-like for hippies. nerdy lover and crazy cat person (i mean my cats are all crazy).

my native language has no neutral pronouns so female ones work alright. they/them is nice too.

previous toots: @oliviamaia

well, turns out it's not so bad browsing the web with JS disabled and then only enabling it when needed. at least then you know what's going on.

Hoje é #Mastomonday?!

Bem, seja lá o que isso signifique, vem pro Mastodon!

Nossa instância está de portas abertas para progressistas e antifascistas que querem escapar do controle algorítmico das plataformas comerciais.

Gente, estamos em crise econômica e eu sei como é difícil juntar uns caraminguás para coisas "supérfluas". Mas pensem com carinho na possibilidade de montar novas instâncias. O #Fediverse se faz na distribuição. Não é bom todo mundo nas mesmas instâncias. Isso diminui a segurança e a privacidade, além de permitir maior controle por terceiros. Pra quem não tem os requisitos técnicos, basta falar com o Hugo da que eles têm planos legais e sobem a Instância pra vocês.

i'm not exactly optimistic about that -- there's a reason i live in a small town in the mountains away from normal 'civilization'.

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truth is: even if i don't like the way most brazilians act on social media, it's still better to have the whole 'twitter annoyances' over on mastodon -- for it's nature, at least on mastodon the commercial incentive to promote shitty controversial 'engaging' posts doesn't exist, and maybe, eventually, that can help us create a network that focus on the less toxic bits of our civilization.

well ddg without js looks actually quite nice.


anyway. off to start another battle against depression.
i mean, the day. off to start the day.

i mean, i love how i discover interesting things and people because of boosts. but also sometimes i kinda hate them.

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Here's the post I want to put on Facebook, but can't bring myself to. Lol

I don't have nearly enough side projects

I keep joking about this, but having "too many things" to do is how I stay sane. It's my buffer against the horrifying indifference of the universe

For some reason a lot of people seem to think that they need to have an opinion on every political issue that is brought up. This is absolutely not the case, there is nothing wrong with admitting that you don't know about a particular issue.

For example, I dont know much about LGBT politics, or indigenous politics. That doesn't mean I dont care, I will always support my comrades who are more familiar with those issues. But I wont talk about those things much, simply because I dont know enough.

If people want an open network, stop shit-talking open things 

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

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