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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

streaming starting now! live at nudge nudge. come join me?

hello all.

i'm gonna start migrating to my new account on join me?

"Jai Singh sabe que la sed que se sacia con el agua volverรก a atormentarlo, Jai Singh sabe que solamente siendo el agua dejarรก de tener sed."

@georgespolitzer sorry i haven't taken a look at what you sent yet :( been in an awful mood because of jaw.

i wish i could say i'll be better soon, but it just feels like it's only getting worse. i take some new med and it gets better for two days, then it's shit again. and this last time was with corticoids. and yet nothing. seems like the only thing that would make it better was simply substituting it for a brand new jaw.

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been away for a bit. TMJ disfunction is being a pain (quite literally). don't really feel like doing anything apart from play the sims 4 and being lazy on the internet.

hello hello.
my jaw is still fucked up.
good night.

also because tomorrow will be the last day of meds for the atm pain. it's much better now, but still there, as always.

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should make tomorrow the last day of this self-imposed mini-vacation i took after streaming almost everyday in october because of inktober.

i been playing too much the sims 4. should probably take a break from that.

after tomorrow, i mean.



biden, eh?

husband is in a crusade to turn this whole town into linux users.

now i need my sim to make enough money to move there ๐Ÿค”

spent the whole afternoon building and decorating unafordable houses in the sims 4.

i'm still waiting for the reasonable news i asked last night.

i mean, I'm only on social media so i can throw around unrequested opinions and commentary at people.

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thinking here that pretty much all my toots could have "unrequested" in their CW.

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