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hello all, this is my new mastodon home :heart_ace:

i'm a brazilian , and . i write and make , , and wood carvings. to my , i'm mostly a luxury door-person.

probably a communist, as anti-capitalist as i can manage, too hippie for city-people, too city-like for hippies. nerdy lover and crazy cat person (i mean my cats are all crazy).

my native language has no neutral pronouns so female ones work alright. they/them is nice too.

previous toots: @oliviamaia

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lembrando que todos os meus estão disponíveis pra download gratuito no meu site: :)

bora **boost** pra espalhar o 💚

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também tem de conto por 3 realzinho sem drm que pode comprar e "emprestar" pros amigos:


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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

just when i had gathered the courage to spend some dollars.

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it's 10am and i managed to get out of bed.


i did manage to get out of bed.

yay for me!

also i still got some original artworks i can send anyone interested :)
not charging for it, i just want to give people art! i'm only asking for the posting tariff (any extra you maybe feel like sending is obviously appreciated but definitely not necessary).

gonna post some pictures tomorrow so keep your ears up!

Urgent Ronald Reagan update: Ronald Reagan is, as we speak, still dead.

fucking hell panic attacks leave you as if you've just run a fucking marathon.

(not that i ever ran a marathon, but that must be how it feels.)

@yarmo remember how i said all i needed was a good tripod? well 😬 check post above in thread

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In other news, I’m working on an easy to build bird feeder design

(Not my pic)

I'm an artisan and i don't have an incense holder i suck.

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