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watering my peace lily is always a highlight of my day. she is a very thirsty girl. drinks a whole wine bottle of water every other day. at this moment she is about five feet across, so she is very big and strong. i love to see her leaves stand firmly. i love my peace lily.

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FRIES Method of Consent 🍟
by Planned Parenthood

Freely given

no idea why my entire body is covered in that

why the liberal obsession with spiderland

no one ever cares about my carpentry, but im actually really good

No one:
Horse standing at the fence: *shows their teeth*
Me: awful

first world problem my new euphemism for dissociating

just had a very weird realization that i didn’t have coffee yesterday or today

selfies within, boosts with pleasure, some ec 

trying to understand my relationship with this place

Gamer chair but it's actually a giant Venus fly trap

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