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I have to remind myself that I can't help it

You wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of bureaucratic red tape you have to wade through just to build your own personal fort in New York City.

"Pursuit of happiness" my fucking eye!

having my nudes leaked and being laughed out of town for being a too-small dick person

No nut November is a warm up for the real challenge next year: no nut β€˜19

My toots aren't blowing up, I must be shadowbanned again.

holy crap a lot more of you are online than I thought lol

Realized that Florida is extremely The South as I exited the airport.

no nut November, shitpost Show more

no nut November, shitpost Show more

there's no scientific proof christmas actually existed before Mariah Carey's hit single in 1994

of all the rectangular prisms in which i douse myself with a stream of hot water while rubbing my naked body with salt of fatty acids, i gotta say, the shower is my favourite

oh no i am walking outside and it is chilly does anyone have a sweater I could borrow??

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