im gonna leave it on this one for now
CW: lewdish (kinda safe for work? pg-13?)

@nuttgodd theyre just as orange as trump i cannot unsee this

@nuttgodd feels like im about to get lectured by a guy named john

@nuttgodd just happy to see two people in love 😍

@nuttgodd this is 80% of the people I grew up with and live around. Makes me want to run around the house shouting in an exaggerated Italian voice. FUCKIN EYYYYYYY

@nuttgodd why would i buy this when i can make it for free :coolhhHHAAAHHH:

@nuttgodd I only know what that is cuz my wife is an SLP. It's for people who have swallowing disorders.

@nuttgodd I don't care how thick it is, $5 for water is too much

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