Everyone, please bear with me while I be really sincere for a second, it's really important to me that yall keep track of this thread

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Taking the CW off for this because it needs to be seen. I'd like to make this thread about charities and causes that matter. If you have a charity that you are personally familiar with and know they're legit, PLEASE, PLEASE, link ways that people can donate or otherwise help out. If you yourself need money, PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know. I don't have a ton of money so I can't donate to everyone sadly, but I do want to help out as much as I can.

An organization I'm donating to today is Stray Rescue of St. Louis. I am personally familiar with them, and I know how their donations are used. I would also like to help organizations that benefit Trans folks, as they are needed now more than ever. If you are familiar with an organization that is legit, please reply here with some info. Also on my mind are indigenous people. Columbus day was recent, and there was a good post with organizations; whoever can link me that post would be loved.

I also have a recommendation for anyone needing immediate help: set up a Cashapp account if you can. I unforutnately have a lot of trouble with paypal and often can't get donatiosn to work for days, but Cashapp is immediate. I think that's part of why I was able to raise so much money yesterday, it is immediate and easy.

Basically, if i made you laugh enough to give me money yesterday, or even if i made you laugh, please consider sending some money to an organization or someone who needs help next time you see it. Be wary of grifts masquerading as charitable organizations, but keep the good ones in mind

For anyone interested in Stray Rescue STL, you can find their donation page here:

I encourage you to donate or volunteer or help out any way you can at your local shelters, but I can promise to you that this one is legit!

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I FOUND IT! Thank you to the homie @selontheweb for sending me the list in the first place. Follow the link for a big ass list of indigeonous charity orgs.

You have to scroll up in the thread to find it but please donate

this "givealanche" has hit apparently over $85. please continue to donate, not just when your conscience feels low, but whenever you are able.

i have to go to sleep, but i'm going to come back and boost this when more people wake up.

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@nuttgodd trans lifeline and lambda legal do good work and can always need help

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@nuttgodd (local but very good, and mass has the prototype trans rights stripping bill on the ballot this year)

@nuttgodd you got it king! real talk i used to do some organizing and have some experience with ActBlue's platform, if you know any orgs that use their site i can put together a big tandem form where folks can donate to a bunch of orgs at once??

@selontheweb I'm not super familiar with actblue or anything, but I can for sure look into it! I'm big on donating to bat conservation nonprofs, so I'll dig into some of those.

@nuttgodd this is a very good thread nutt, thank you.


Some biggish nonprofs that aren't household names but that do really good work:

-RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) does incredible work for assault survivors is great for helping public school teachers get the resources their classrooms need (think kickstarter for public school teachers)
-Crisis Text Line is a crisis hotline all over text message, and you can volunteer to become a crisis counselor as well as donate

@nuttgodd Quit following severe work harassment and haven’t been able to find work since August because my references are stale.$emkayanders

@nuttgodd 5 years from now, only a few remember how the Wound Cube Mutual Aid Fund got its name

Thanks for doing this. My financial situation is scary right now, and when I asked for help yesterday on Masto, people stepped up. This is a good place.

I hope so hard to be out of this situation soon and in a position I can help others. πŸ’œ

@nuttgodd 2 days late, but I think you're being way too hard on yourself. Nobody was manipulated in any significant way, we all chose to do it because begging strangers for wound cube money is a good bit, and throwing away money on someone's wound cube bit is also a good bit. It was all fun.

And you didn't take any cash away from good causes. Nobody was using their last $10 on the wound cube. Anyone who donated did so because they could afford that on top of the important stuff. It's ok!

@nofuturist yeah I gotcha! I know I wasn't doing anything malicious, I just felt a need to balance the karma and do something with more meaning than just making people laugh

@nuttgodd I was gonna say you don't need to balance your karma but I assume you're stocking up in advance of what you're gonna do to that cube.

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