@bewitchyourmind @nuttgodd
That's valid. It might also interest you to know that @Pepsi is also an experienced coochie eater gif man.

@nuttgodd im surprised no one has. it's the best part of this video. i spat out my drink

@citrustwee its almost like nobodys actually watching these all the way through except you

But we never actually got confirmation on what was popping. I think it's a legitimate question because I don't even know what's popping. What's popping?

@Che5hire doing a shout-out for all,,, ,, if youre following itOOAHHWWUHHHhh

@nuttgodd I’m watching this for the first time and losing it

@muppetbutler brooko..................... i'm offended you havent seen this yet

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