@nuttgodd I've been reading a lot about vikings and metallurgy and the work you're doing to increase the quality of your videos reminds me of the use of crucible steel (a refinement process first used in India and adopted by the vikings before losing popularity until 700 years later during the industrial revolution), extracting the slag and leaving purer and purer material with which to work

@lesschinski thank you i thought so too exactly the same thing.

@nuttgodd "this is how white boys eat the coochie" but instead of the elf it's you at the end doing that thing with your tongue

@bewitchyourmind @nuttgodd
That's valid. It might also interest you to know that @Pepsi is also an experienced coochie eater gif man.

@citrustwee i was wondering when someone was going to notice that behind me

@nuttgodd im surprised no one has. it's the best part of this video. i spat out my drink

@citrustwee its almost like nobodys actually watching these all the way through except you

But we never actually got confirmation on what was popping. I think it's a legitimate question because I don't even know what's popping. What's popping?

@Che5hire doing a shout-out for all,,, ,, if youre following itOOAHHWWUHHHhh

@Alexmay leider i am totally full today on my schedule

@nuttgodd I’m watching this for the first time and losing it

@muppetbutler brooko..................... i'm offended you havent seen this yet

@nuttgodd This is so much to take in i need to lie down

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