alright, I've had all day to nap and recover and meditate to put my energy in the right place, are yall ready for my
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I liked this picture so opening with adidas Sobakov, black upper, reflective white 3-stripe, gum sole. Size 8.5, snug in the toe and relaxed in the heel. Everyday basic kicks

second in the adidas sneaker squad is the black and gray Propheres with the orange detail. Not usually a chunky sole fan but these got something sci-fi going on that isn't annoying. Had to do two angles to get that hidden orange stripe on the back. Also 8.5s, perfect fit on my wide feet

first of the Snocker twins is the white and black adidas NMD_CS1 (citysock 1) GTX (gore-tex), completely waterproof with the rare black boost sole. Also size 8.5 and a perfect fit. Boost is comfy as fuck and these keep my feet 100% dry. Pardon the grime, they're due for a scrub

my second pair of snockers ever and one of my favorite pairs of kicks: adidas Adilette summer sock in an orange colorway with a teal pull tab and a very very subtle purple tint in the ridged knit. It's hard to get a photo of these that really displays the color. Another 8.5, not sold in the US, but available through asos

kicking off my Onitsuka collection are the blue suede Fabre high tops. All Onitsukas I wear are size 9.5 because they're narrower than adidas. These have subtle yellow accents including a suction cup on the bottom of the heel. Apparently it's a basketball thing

my other pride and joy comes in the form of solid gold Onitsuka Mexico 66es, including the gold heel tab with the "Tiger" lettering. I wear these on special occasions only because I would probably combust instantly if they got dirty

these bad boys are now retired, for reasons you can clearly see in the inside of the heel and on the bottom of the sole. Two Onitsuka colorways that took me across Europe twice, may they rest in peace

Pulling up the rear in the Onitsuka collection are these pretty standard reds. I don't wear them often because they're so long that they make a flapping noise when I walk that I notice and it's hard to incorporate into my normal outfit colors, but I like them anyway

A special guest are the somewhat-retired low top Vans in the ox blood colorway. These are also a 9.5. Vans are just too uncomfortable for me to wear; my feet always feel like I'm walking on bare ground. I like these anyway.

My boots are the old reliable palladium baggy pallabrouse in a special winter edition. Size 8.5 if you're counting. These are completely waterproof and are lined with Sherpa fur, and have a memory foam insole. These took me through Austrian winter, including a trip to Salzburg, better than anything else could. Two pictures for the bonus rubber patch if you feel like flopping the neck down

Making a return appearance are my new thrifted cowboy boots. Y'all behave now, y'hear?

Last and not really least are a pair of brown suede Target dress shoes. I bought these for a wedding because I didnt have dress shoes. They're honestly not bad, and I hate dress shoes.

A CHALLENGER APPROACHES: New Sobakov Colorway - "Clear Orange" upper, black stripes, clear white sole

@pizza_goblin they let me infiltrate bougie areas while still feeling like the ragamuffin i am

@nuttgodd I've always say that if you haven't owned at least one cheap ass pair of flip flops your suspect and probably headed for the guillotine.

@Ashen sorry hold on i got distreactedf katies fucking hand feet showed up on the sidebar

@JohnBrownJr don't you have a pair of cowboy boots? I swear you had like a whole outfit with a duster and shit

@nuttgodd thanks! I lace most of my shoes this way; it's a subtle way of individualizing them

@nuttgodd the shoes match perfectly with a pride and joy of my collectionβ€”this late 80s oxblood/maroon Members Only jacket

@nuttgodd (though yeah, the bottoms are unforgiving. the pains of looking nice)

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@nuttgodd oh that's interesting cuz I love that feeling of contact with the ground. It's just me being pretentious though because I still think of myself as a skateboarder even though I only get out like twice a year :/

@Brianahwa mostly cause i don't really get rid of the ones i've retired lol

@Brianahwa i have bought like five pairs this year though including the cowboy boots and dress shoes but otherwise this collection includes shoes from as far back as 2014

@Brianahwa my excuse was for my halloween costume but i've always wanted a good pair of cowboy boots

@Aleums thank you i love them, the purple is really hard to see in the picture but in the right sunlight it's stunning

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