@nuttgodd hey new people: allow me to introduce you to my good friend The Coochie Elf

@nuttgodd this is so much better when you tipple the audio πŸ˜‚

also gross Show more

Perhaps one of the most important posts from this part of the Fediverse. Not insignificant here is the perfect timing of the loop on the video, it makes it so easy to watch repeatedly. Also, i love that he makes a different sound each time, first "blblblblblblblb" and then "gnagnagnagna". Iconic #dirtTour

@nuttgodd what gets me about this is it was posted in October, but I thought it was posted in Summer

@nuttgodd i still remember seeing this for the first time and fucking screaming

@nuttgodd holy shit that’s wild i did not know that good god

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