fuck all words but with microsoft terms

"fuck active directory"

customer: stop flooding!!!111
me: sending one message once in 5 minutes

I knew their business was bad but not this bad

Work project finished yay, time to sink my hands deep in our ex-frontend developer's undocumented code

I hope it's not snowy in the morning as I got some business to attend to after work and I don't feel like walking 4km per direction.

"oh hey null, add multitenancy to this thing you've been working on for the past 5 years"

thanks boss

My new year's resolution is quitting smoking. It's very difficult. So much stress.

I wonder when I got time to finish my new album

Finally finished the API for configuring our eink displays. Yay

And our senior engineer keeps changing the commands the devices use which is quite annoying.

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The funny thing is I only got my devkit today.

I've been coding mostly blindly and testing them (rarely) over a video stream lol

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