liveposting setting up a new mastodon server (silly, tech) 


family, gendering +, a swear 

tech, archiveteam drama adjacent 

swapped out most of my purse strap pin loadout

supporting queer and women artists by covering myself in witches and monstergirls

yes, i am aware of the Bowsette hair color discourse. the Bowsette was from an artist who had both blonde and redhead versions. i picked the blonde one because *i'm* blonde 😛

not quite sure what today was really. I ended up on the mountain with the burial mounds

remember! if your local timeline doesn't make you wanna jump into the community you're in or feel warm & fuzzy like the cutie you are it's ok to try other communities!

you don't want to stay somewhere that makes you feel like you're just tolerating it cause you "have to" like on those big branded blue sites

find the fediverse community (or communities!) that makes you wanna go–

:blobmeltcryinglove: "this place is so good!!!"

–every time you open it

Be queer enough to embarrass the corporate gays

they are your neighbors. your nurses. your firefighters. your programmers. they designed the computers you use and the systems that hold the internet together. they are your children.

Scenes from "Enclosure", performance art, in which Philippines born artist Bea Camacho crocheted a cocoon for herself in 11 hours without interruption #womensart


One big thing you can do to help build local resilience and promote an alternative economy is map your city's resources on Shareable

You can put down pins for anything from coworking spaces, to community gardens, to little free libraries. And if your city is already mapped, contribute everything you know about that isn't already there and share the link among your friends!

#SolarpunkResource #MutualAid #Commons

“Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold” 

y'all, we partied so hard in 1999. like from jan 1 to dec 31st. lot of folks died

*crawls inside the large hadron collider* fuck off I live hear now. *I hiss at the scientists tryna hit me with a broom* FUK OFFF

(goes up to a straight couple): so, which one of you is the gothy goth and which one is the pastel goth

food, nothing 

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