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Hey! I'm Noemi. I'm a bisexual genderqueer non-binary person.

I am a Marxist-Leninist Communist, and I believe strongly in left unity against fascism and liberalism.

I play ; my character is Eris Umberwell on the Excalibur server. I main Machinist and also enjoy playing Dark Knight, Scholar, and Summoner.

I'm a fan of the series, with Atelier Lulua being my current favorite by a hair.

When I have time, I dabble in solo . At the moment, I'm planning and writing for an RPG called Grublands, a rewrite from the ground up of an old game jam project that had a lot of terrible problems I hope to resolve.

good morning starting to feel a bit better

being really sensitive to and frequently getting sick during changing weather is a nasty weakness to have in the northeast

staying in as a disgusting germ monster for halloween

hazbin hotel, vivziepop, blackface, transphobia, racism, just all around shittiness 

i vehemently reject anything that "makes you think". i have a never thought and will never think

but that's just a theory...a labor theory of value

my operating system of choice is GNU/Lummox, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Lummox,

white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

genital ref 

one of the thinks i want to impress on everyone is that stonks and finance are not that complicated, they just use fancy words. amazon stock dropped a bunch of value for primarily the reasons listed below, which basically boil down to "they are spending a lot to build services that are important for the long term and they think holiday sales wont be as high as wall street does"

Am tired hoodie girl on bus today please send me coffee and headpats

Selfie, ec, boosts++

Today's lunch was sushi, very good, tempura is delicious. I really needed it today because I've been sick half this week and it sucked.

Also have some yesterday pics where I'm very cute and very deserving of headpats

Selfie, ec, boosts++

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