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Hey! I'm Noemi. I'm a bisexual genderqueer non-binary person.

I am a Marxist-Leninist Communist, and I believe strongly in left unity against fascism and liberalism.

I play ; my character is Eris Umberwell on the Excalibur server. I main Machinist and also enjoy playing Dark Knight, Scholar, and Summoner.

I'm a fan of the series, with Atelier Lulua being my current favorite by a hair.

When I have time, I dabble in solo . At the moment, I'm planning and writing for an RPG called Grublands, a rewrite from the ground up of an old game jam project that had a lot of terrible problems I hope to resolve.

good morning starting to feel a bit better

being really sensitive to and frequently getting sick during changing weather is a nasty weakness to have in the northeast

staying in as a disgusting germ monster for halloween

hazbin hotel, vivziepop, blackface, transphobia, racism, just all around shittiness 

i vehemently reject anything that "makes you think". i have a never thought and will never think

but that's just a theory...a labor theory of value

my operating system of choice is GNU/Lummox, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Lummox,

white people love prayer bc it combines meditation and asking to speak to the manager

genital ref 

uses a lewd word 

if our cat thinks we're mad at her she carries her big mouse toy to us like it's a gift it's very cute

Citations Needed had a great pod on the term "middle class." I've never been able to explain why it feels so hollow. It's because it ignores and obscures the differences between say a fast food worker making 25k a year and their boss, who makes double that or more and can fire, overscheduled, underschedule or sexually harass the worker.

It creates a world where there is no working class. Just a bunch of pals who work together. No inherent contradictions or conflicts here! What even is class? It uses the word class, but erases it completely.

Working class is the language of class conflict. Middle class is the language of class surrender.

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