@moonwater could i plz save this and post it on my instagram story?? this is awesome

@vestal sure it’s not mine I got it off a blm telegram I’m part of I don’t see why you couldn’t share it

@moonwater very dangerous night time cryptids, much like mothmen 😨

@neko they’re so much worse than mothman it wouldn’t even be fair to put them in the same category

@neko @moonwater Image Transcript: Edit of the "No such thing as a good cop" Poster, with text censored to make it read:

There is no such thing as a cop.
Cops arre imaginary.
What police?
0% of police officers in the population.
What eactly are they?

@moonwater there's only one kind of good cop
*loads shotgun*
and it's the dead kind 😎

@the_gayest_goat_in_town I stand by my stance that the only good cops are the b99 ones not bc they’re actually “moral” but bc they’re imaginary and don’t exist

OCR Output (chars: 505) 

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