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Hey folks I’m gonna try going by they/them pronouns for a while. I’m still going by kat just gonna try and change my pronouns and see if it feels better. Thank u!

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donations for a sick kitten 

if you ever get picked for a jury make sure you tell them all the answers they wanna hear in the juror selection process because otherwise juries are just people who think cops are infallible

holy shit im not the prison. flesh is.

The local goat sanctuary posted this picture and its SO CUTE IM DYING

Also, while its great that so many cities and states are in favor of giving up Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day, don't for a second forget that this is as much a placating gesture as anything else.

Politicians would rather rename a holiday than be taken to task regarding reparations towards the indigenous people, offering aid to those still living on reservations, or committing more action towards the staggering numbers of missing and murdered indigenous women. Don't let them skate by.

Imagine if we banned cars and domestic flights and brought back the Public Works Administration to put all the unemployed and/or homeless people to work replacing all the roads with trams and all the highways with high-speed rail. We’d be effectively combatting climate change and income inequality, solving homelessness, have full employment, and be destroying car culture. It’d be magnificent.

@moonwater imagine if quitting was just like, u walk in, say something angry at ur boss, and then they hand u ur money, give you a recommendation for your next employer, and you leave forever w/ no 2 week notice necessary

I’ve seen enough circumstances where it’s a group of ppl on their phones (which is fine and normal idc!!) but it’d be an ironic pic I think bc of how much millennial are shamed for their tech usage

I kinda wanna make an account of pics of boomers on their phones. Like, when there’s a group of them.

my favorite power move when i notice a guy checking me out is to make eye contact for a brief moment and then look away while making a “yikes” face

I’m so ready to quit!!! It’s gonna happen!! Soon!!!! Sooooonnnnn

Asking For Help, Boosts Appreciated 

"dear Princess Celestia, today I learned.." is a phrase I have uttered far too many times at work. one time, exactly, but that was too many times


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