terraform Uranus. thats just called manscaping

Fuck this site has ruined me I was trying to give my dogs some tripe as a treat and I was like “time to give the dogs their bripe”

asking for help 

just cause you've changed, doesn't mean you're owed forgiveness

Milo Y just got deplatformed at a furry convention, and I figured this would be the appropriate venue to pass my thanks to the furry community

*pretend I am a youth pastor with the worst undercut in existence* okay so when you're born you're cancelled. It is only when you baptize yourself you can become an unproblematic queen/king/monarch

Casper the Friendly Ghost said “Trans Rights”

you, basic: strawberry, blueberry, apple

me, 4th dimensional: zörblet, fnuub, aáshaah ssahth

:bing: Melted Funko Pop On Accident Is Breatheing In Smoke Dangerous

i don't know who needs to hear it but...

needing reassurance isn't being manipulative.

especially not when you're always emotionally swimming upstream against a torrent of crappy opinions shat out by people trying to shoehorn you back into a mold you never fit in the first place.

It might seem tedious at times but it’s how you get to know someone. You can’t start asking the deep shit when you walk up to a stranger

Why is it that everyone acts like they hate small talk? Small talk is so important

bad opinion, definitely gonna be cancelled for this one 

american psycho business card scene but theyre talking about their podcasts

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