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The Sexual Future of AI 

YouTube channel idea #34:

Absurdist Fashion Models repair homes in full costumes. Each video is a new diy project!

I don’t necessarily see it as a negative thing all-together because I think it negates a lot of needless day to day stressers that get people down.

Ignorance is bliss, but if you throw in the right amount of retrospect things usually work out in the long term. You learn something new about yourself (good or bad) in the short term.

At least you (probably) won’t do it again if you notice that it hurts you or others.

I truly think I am far less empathetic human than most, but only after smoking some grass it becomes easier for me to see it. I barely have the ability to grasp the concepts of other people’s struggles.

I don’t know if it’s a super power or a disease but either way it’s interesting to me, and I feel that my mindfulness of these traits keeps them in check.

I never did any drugs in high school, so why am I like this?

I wish every instance had the ability to turn your public posts into one big downloadable txt file. I’d like to archive my useless toots for later when I’m discovered to be the last most interesting person in the world. Boring people die everyday and I need to secure my legacy!

Imagine it’s the end of the world. 🔥🌎🔥

It’s extremely dangerous outside, but you see a little red toolbox! 🧰

You unlatch it and pull out the most brutal tool of destruction—a weapon so powerful that it requires eye protection when being used... 🥽

Sandpaper. 🥴

I’d rather watch a parrot get fist fucked than deal with the remained of this month.

I’d like to roll around in a ball pit of Adderall. They’re all mine!

Smoking inside is just a awful. Why can’t vape pens be more affordable. Time to search Alibaba...

I’d like to cast my vote to rebuild the steeples of Norte-Dame and make them look like really pointy nipples

Warning: Bill Murray 

lewd thots 

Imagine living during a time when a bomb could detonate above you and you entire town had to potential of being desolated by fire and flames?

Memes Gone Sexual ⚠️ 

I’d like to argue that sleep deprivation and drunkenness are 10x more dangerous than smoking weed and driving.

On the flip side, driving high provides a 10x increase in the amount of fun you’ll have while being stuck in traffic. I don’t recommend it for everyone though.

How are people not more freaked out about the idea that Coca-Cola could potentially be selling mass amounts of cocaine to the black market and pocketing all the profits? 🤯

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