American’s got it all: Atomic Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs, Fire Bombs, Gay Bombs, and today I’ve learned that they now have Ninja Bombs.

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In the year 2025 I expect to be able to play Doom on my fleshlight

These fuckers are the perfect example of a forbidden fruit. THIS PLASTIC SMELLS SO GOOD DOOD

I bought $16 worth of Japanese collectable squishies at a 7/11 today by accident. I confused even myself. At least I was able to big gulp the money troubles away.

I used to know an elf that collected dandruff from public transportation vehicles. The unsuspecting strangers never found out. The little elf stored them in a glass bottle affixed to his belt. When on public transit, he would often drink Pepsi or Brisk. This I deeply despised, and now I no longer see him.

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Forcing my brain the yee haw through this weekend 🤠

Just saw this lady on the Shopping Channel laughing as her co-host vividly described the sucking power of a Dyson. Then when her co-host noticed she went in for a QUICK SAVE! She points out that she was just snickering at how great the deal was. “Wow, that’s a lot of savings!”

This was the only moment I missed watching ‘live’ cable tv

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