I’m a goddamn multidimensional triangle alien that lives in the sea of time and space. When you enter my zone I sip you like a spoonful of soup on a cold night. My pineal lizard brain runs on vinegar and blood. I will end you.

The earth is triangular and I’m at the top motherfucker.

I have a fat dubski in my shorts so I can’t play Apex

anyone lucky enough to get a Toshiba laptop with one of these wallpaper badboys as the default?

21st century privilege is being able to explore the 4th dimension in an interactive virtual environment

corner stores are the only valid stores

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*me staring at you in the club*
*misc shoegazer song plays in the background*

Me: *Shoegazer dance mode commences*
Everyone: *not ready for my moves*
Me: *Dies of cancer*

Let's see how long I can outrun this pesky serotonin syndrome 🙄

Using Dropbox to sync 63,000 game roms is legal right?

Imagine an alternate universe where Fax machines had IRC over dial up lines on massive crt screens. I'm sure one exists...

smashing that like button in with a fucking sledgehammer in a spray of plastic and sparks

How do human beings not live like every day is the last is beyond me. We could die at any second, there are far to many negative variables waiting to end existence. Humans play the lottery. Every day they increase their bets. Why not bet it all if you plan on making things meaningful?

sliding down the rabbit hole as fast as terminal velocity will let me

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