Y’all: Don’t loot Target because someone has to pay for that🤧.

The CEO of Target: I completely support the protests and am literally a billionaire. I could rebuild those stores ten times over.

Y’all: OK, well it’s not fair bc what about Lee Rigby?

Lee Rigby’s family: We do not support the use of Lee’s case to silence the Black Lives Matter protests as we support them and the two aren’t comparable as one is an extremist attack and one is police brutality.

Y’all at a party or on the beach: OK, well what about the infection risk?

Disease experts and health experts: *write an open letter to the public supporting the protests as they say “racism is a much deadlier and long lasting health epidemic than covid 19”*.

Y’all: The cases in America are already spiking.

Actual doctors: The time for symptoms to develop is 7-14 days so that spike is actually because of your parties, beach days, and protests that you couldn’t get a haircut.

Y’all: Rioting and looting doesn’t do anything.

Historians: The only thing in history that has worked for the general public inciting change has been a riot,a protest, or a looting- like the Civil Rights Movement, Suffragettes, and Stonewall.

Y’all: Well, violence isn’t the answer

Historians: MLK was peaceful and you still shot him dead, and America is one of the most historically violent countries in the world, how ironic.

JUST SAY YOU DON’T SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER AND LEAVE instead of finding an excuse as to why you shouldn’t care that again and again and again Black people are completely brutalised by police and police are never criminalized for it.

Copied and pasted from a friend. Feel free to do the same and call out racists where they stand.

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hey since this is getting a solid amount of traction could y'all check out this post and let people know thank you

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@mercurythedragon liberals are very happy to police your movements optics if it means they don't have to deal with their own biases

@spacekookie exactly. it's gross how democrats continuously pretend they're not centerist as hell with their white supremacist bullshit

@mercurythedragon @spacekookie

If violence isn't the answer why are they all up to their armpits in military pork? 🙄

@mercurythedragon more than riots and looting, they were rebellions and uprisings


Remember what Machiavelli said about unarmed prophets; they always come to grief.

@Hyolobrika @mercurythedragon

By 'you' I think they mean those people who benefit from and/or uphold White Supremacism.

Like you, for example.

@Hyolobrika honestly covid just came by, racism has been a supremacist thorn in our society's side for centuries on top of the being the main reason why cases and deaths of covid are so disproportionately fucked between people who can afford it and people who cant bc of supremacy

actual logic 

@Hyolobrika @mercurythedragon yeah, actually, they are.

Your confident ignorance weighs little against a lifetime of niche knowledge.

Pick any topic you know, or are interested in, and you're advantaged over someone who skims the wikipage on the topic.

For example, you might want to consider the antivaxxer movement as "societal", but it has deep implications for medical science.

Seriously, think about it.

There's no way to decouple social and medical pandemics, the science applies heavily to both.

Source: am engineer who works with medical researchers.

Respectfully, rethink your stance, or accept that you're undereducated here...or don't.

This post isn't for you.

It's for all of us who know you're spouting bullshit, and have been gently trying to get you to check your fecking privilege.

@Hyolobrika it's honestly just the fact of people blaming them on protesters when it's from the people who did all the shit dining out and getting haircuts before all of this. It's just the fact of people truly standing up for what they believe in and having folks look down on folks now after their blatant disregard of people's health before

@mercurythedragon The fact that people are concern trolling masked protestors as an infection risk instead of asking why the police are impunely using chemical weapons which cause severe coughing as one of their main effects says all you need to know.

@mercurythedragon Also just like, Target is insured. And most importantly: people are more important than property.

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