two types of people after dealing with hardships:

"i never want anyone to go through what i've gone through"

"i went through it, why shouldn't they?"

@mercurythedragon The fact that I was the first and my old best friend was the second is why he ended up an asshole and why I don't talk to him anymore.

@Aster @Aster it's a huge mood i really understand. real proud of you tho that shit can be so hard just like, dealing with

@mercurythedragon I'm an epic win because i rapidly switch between the two 😎😎😎

@mercurythedragon The first type will write software to make the process easier.

The second type will patent the software they wrote.

@forAll52 it's basically people saying they went through hardships/trauma and think that means everyone should go through hardships. lotta folks act like the world is supposed to not be fair bc it wasnt fair to them basically if that makes sense

@mercurythedragon thank you, makes sense. I can't relate to the mindset that would lead to that conclusion though.

Even if someone were purely selfish, a world that realizes what you went through was bad and tries to not repeat it is also going to be more sympathetic to you when you talk about what you went through and more likely to support what you might need to repair some of the damage

I think that view tends to come from a very individualistic "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" worldview. It's a very bitter way of thinking, but i can kind of see it. It's also the sort of worldview that i think comes from not having a very deep understanding of how other people differ from oneself.

@certifiedperson @forAll52 it does and its like yeah people cant understand certain things without experiancing em. it is really bitter.

imo the whole point of a society is to take care of all its members to the upmost of abilities. life doesn't have to not be fair, all that

@certifiedperson @forAll52 and yeah a lot of it really does stem from people not realizing that everyone is a different individual with different experiences. it's very tunnel vision-esque

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