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actually a black hole is just a big mouth slurping the universe through a straw

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Like at which point when you're watching a movie do you ever find yourself thinking "oh yeah this is totally real"??? When does that ever happen? Like it's just such a strange underestimation of the flexibility of the human mind to assume that in order to be moved by something you have to think that it's real... That's just not what we know happens. Most comedies make absolutely no effort to convince you that they're real, and that doesn't stop them being funny does it?

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You complain, but you want to maintain the system where you vegetate. Occasionally you rebel, but it's only ever just to start doing the same thing again from scratch.
-- Albert Libertad

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> we value your privacy
> so please let us track you

oh but hey this is what i look like if anyone's curious

*it's super secret information*

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soyboy named troy used to live in detroit

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My name is John Titor.

I come from the year 2036.

In the future, we don't tell people to 'keep in touch'.

We say 'like and subscribe'.

oh my god i really don't know what im doing i thought i was messaging people but i think i've been making posts uh

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Can I have suggestions/links of CC music from artists that happen to also be on fedi, please and thank you? :blobaww:

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Really love the starters for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Sobble is actually my favorite so far but I gotta stay faithful to my all grass starters only tradition and be part of the Grookey Gang

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some lyrics i just made up:

i'm just trying my best
in a world that doesn't make sense
it's been this way for too long

i wanna be better
be fucking better yeah
but that's just ohhhh sooo hardddd

love me love me please
i don't want anyone to hate me
hate me hate me please
i don't know how to be loved

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